Tim Tebow at Trinity Christian Academy

Tim Tebow played football at my alma mater, Trinity Christian Academy of Jacksonville, Florida. It’s unclear from his book, Through My Eyes by Tim Tebow (with Nathan Whitaker), whether he took any classes beyond physical education. Tebow was homeschooled by his parents who, further research reveals, were quite prosperous missionaries to the Phillipines.

Bob Tebow, Tim’s father, continues to run the orphanage, Uncle Dick’s House in Mindanao, Phillipines, which, with a name like that, we can only hope won’t have a scandal brewing similar to Penn State’s Jerry Sandusky’s Second Mile charity.

There’s no doubt Tim Tebow’s mother, Pamela, was a trendsetter in the homeschool movement. In fact, I was aware of her work before I even knew anything about her son. TCA alums in North Florida, who also homeschooled, told me about a program in the area where homeschooling parents get together with other homeschooling parents and take their kids on field trips. That way, they won’t miss out on socializing with others.

Well, Tebow’s mom was behind that! Tebow mentions this in his book and, although I am a critic of homeschooling, I must admit if more homeschooling parents were like Pamela Tebow, it would definitely break the stereotype of bigoted parents who only rely on PACE or ACE workbooks.

Example: Tim needed Latin in order to enter the University of Florida. Pamela contacts a Latin teacher and brings her to the house to tutor Tim. Now how many homeschooling parents have the dollars to just hire teachers to come to their house? Like I said, prosperous missionaries.

Florida passed a law in 1996 that allowed homeschooled kids to play athletics in public or private schools. Tebow choose Trinity and based on informal questions to other alums, it doesn’t appear like he took a single class beyond phys ed.

Tebow did not last long at Trinity. The Coach refused to let him play Quarterback. Tim Tebow believes in teamwork as long as he gets his way, obviously. It’s tempting to write that Trinity’s coach was trying to teach Tebow the meaning of ‘teamwork’, but TCA’s football history shows they’re not above doing whatever takes to get their team at number one.

I was at TCA in 1980 and as the picture from my yearbook shows (see below), we lost every single game that year. Why? Well, I guess if I had the reverse ego of Tebow I could blame myself. No, I didn’t play football but I was responsible for organizing lunch time prayer meetings so revival would come to TCA.

We were very concerned about a double standard regarding the rules that were enforced. If I were to moon someone in a mall (never did), I would have been expelled. A player mooned someone on a bus trip and got a slap on the wrist. Today, this does not strike me as behavior worthy of expulsion. In those days, however, I thought it was sign of the end!

Mooning? In a Christian school? By a football player? Perish the thought.

As a result of the prayer meetings and ‘revival’, some of our better football players were removed from the team. We lost and had no one but ourselves to blame for praying instead of practicing.

TCA wised up over the years and was accused of recruiting players. Specifically, Chirod Williams who went on to play for Georgia Tech. Ed White contested Chirod’s eligibility but it doesn’t appear to have gone anywhere. When Tebow left TCA, someone at TCA also contested Tebow’s eligibility. Sour grapes?

This might seem like the end of Tebow’s connection with Trinity, but it is not.

He writes about his ‘Uncle Bill’ Heavener, a wealthy individual who purchased tickets to the Heisman award for Tebow’s family. Uncle Bill also has a box at the Gator Bowl. Tebow does not mention that ‘Uncle Bill’ is James “Bill” W. Heavener, the brother of Jacksonville real estate mogul, Mac Heavener. Mac Heavener is the president of Trinity Baptist College and served as deacon of Trinity Baptist Church.

Mac was a deacon at Trinity Baptist Church when I attended from 1977-1980. There’s a good possibility he was a deacon during the era when pastor Bob Gray left for the mission field to allegedly avoid having the whistle blown on him for child molestation. At least, according to one of the depositions.

Tim Tebow was at Trinity circa 2003, based on informal communiques with various alums. Gray was arrested in 2006, so Tebow missed that drama by 3 years. In a sense, it seems inappropriate to even mention this except for the fact that Tebow’s major in college was family, youth, and community sciences and Tebow’s family operates an orphanage. Don’t you think someone in the business might have some thoughts on protecting children?

Tebow ponders the idea that after playing with the NFL he might want to go into Christian services dealing with youth and orphans. If that is the case, I think Tim Tebow would do well to take matters into his own hands and address the following questions:

How can Christian schools deal with sex predators in their midst?

Would you recommend some preventative sex education that tells the youngsters the difference between ‘safe touching’ and ‘unsafe touching’ and teaches them what to do and how to contact the police when they are approached by a predator?

Is Tim Tebow willing to use his name to get such a curriculum started in private religious schools like Trinity Christian Academy?

Just a thought.

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  1. I remember a student by the name of (I believe) Lillian Heavener. She was was somewhere between ’79 and ’81. Any sightings in a yearbook? Any connection to Mac?

  2. He’ll go into the family business and will not have a clue (or maybe will not care) about abusing children. He’s self absorbed.
    My prediction!

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