Billy Baldwin to shoot movie at allegedly abusive school

The following letter was sent to Billy Baldwin’s publicist, Lizzie Grubman. Her email and contact information are provided below. If you feel as I do, please email or call and let her know how you feel.

Lizzie Grubman Public Relations,

I graduated from Trinity Christian Academy in Jacksonville, Florida in 1980. This is the same school your client, Billy Baldwin, will be shooting the movie ‘Blind Faith’. It should be brought to Mr. Baldwin’s attention that Trinity Christian Academy was the site of a notorious child sex scandal involving the former (now deceased) pastor, Bob Gray. For over 20 years, Pastor Bob Gray was alleged to have molested children in his sound proof office on the campus of Trinity Christian Academy.

Gray left the country, allegedly to avoid arrest, but returned during his eighties. Victims came together and he was arrested. Gray died within days of his trial. Miami attorney, Adam Horowitz, filed civil suits and, to this day, two of those cases have not been resolved so they are not closed. Mr. Baldwin showed great compassion towards Mackenzie Phillips when she opened up about her abuse. Considering that at least two of the claims against TCA have not been resolved, I strongly encourage your client to use his influence to shoot this movie elsewhere or withdraw from the project.

You can find documentation of the Gray cases at my blog, Christian School Confidential. I’m also including a direct link to cases against Bob Gray for your information.

Please call if you have any questions.

Thanks for your consideration.


Dwayne Walker

Cases related to Bob Gray:


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  1. This letter is factual, elegant, and to the point. Have you had a reply? I do not see contact information, and I would like to e-mail Ms. Grubman.

    Thanks for being ever vigilant and on the side of truth, which is righteousness.

    • No reply yet, although the articles have Grubman saying Billy Baldwin’s not attached to the project and the movie has not received financing. This conflicts with an earlier article which had Baldwin attached to the project and the movie shooting in the Spring. It appears when Baldwin was in Jacksonville and visited Trinity, that was fund raising. On another interesting tidbit: I got another tip that Trinity was supposedly going to pay the company $20,000 with the use of their football team for the movie. Out here in California, it’s the other away around. They pay you to trash up your house when they shoot. Why would Trinity, an organization once known for opposition to movies and Hollywood, beg to have Billy Baldwin shoot on campus? ? I can only speculate they want to rehabilitate their image even though some of the Trinity cases have not been settled.

    • Lizzie Grubman Public Relations
      424 W 33rd St
      Ste 110
      New York, NY 10001

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