Tim Tebow and Billy Baldwin go to Trinity

The Chosen One is an ESPN documentary about Tim Tebow. The title refers to the college of Tebow’s choice. Which university will he chose? Which college will be ‘the chosen one’? Any misunderstanding that it refers to Tim Tebow is totally encouraged. That probably explains the bizarre choice to have Bob Tebow show up at inappropriate points and read scripture.

What I looked for was any reference to Trinity Christian Academy, which turned out to be missing. Tim Tebow, for those who, like me, live under a rock, played for Trinity Christian Academy in Jacksonville, Florida, for one season. Tebow the Chosen left because the coach would not let Rudolph play the reindeer game his way.

This was truly Trinity’s darkest moment. As I watched The Chosen One (via YouTube through my Roku on the big screen, the way the TV Gods now demand), I realized if he had continued at TCA, it would have been ‘TCA’ being showcased during that entire ESPN special and not Nease. They would have loved that publicity.

Oh, yeah! Something else happened at Trinity that could also be considered its darkest moment. Give me a few and I might remember. I think it was that time the hippie girl sang in front of childrens church and compared the mother ship in Close Encounters of the Third Kind with the New Jerusalem. Whatever that moment was, it couldn’t have been that bad since I hear Jerry Falwell referred to it as a ‘bump in the road’. But, never mind that. . .back to Tebow!

Another documentary on Tim Tebow has been released called Everything in Between. It is directed by Chase Heavener, the son of Tebow’s ‘Uncle Bill’ Heavener, who is also the brother of Mac Heavener, president of Trinity Baptist College, a ministry of the already mentioned scandalized Trinity Baptist Church.

Trinity is not mentioned in Everything in Between, except for a brief ‘gotcha’ moment where Tebow says, “They said I couldn’t play quarterback in high school.”

Care to elaborate, Tebow?

TCA’s days in the limelight aren’t over, though. Billy Baldwin has agreed to shoot his movie, Blind Faith, on the campus of Trinity Christian Academy, where Trinity Baptist Church is also located.

Billy Baldwin shooting at Trinity Baptist Church: Actor William Baldwin Promotes Faith Based Movie.

Chase Heavener movie: Everything In Between.


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