Trinity deacon now in State Legislature, with Mitt Romney, and on Dancing With The Stars.

Daniel Davis, deacon of Trinity Baptist Church and former member of the Jacksonville City Council, is now in the Florida State Legislature.  He was not elected but is filling a spot vacated by Jennifer Carroll when she was elected Lieutenant Governor.

Trinity’s goldenboy deacon did not hesitate to start a 527 that allows him to raise unlimited amounts of cash!

He was also named as co-chair of Mitt Romney’s Social Conservative Steering Committee.  Hmmm, guess Trinity no longer considers Mormonism a cult? Guess they learned the wisdom behind Ben Franklin’s quote about ‘if we don’t hang together we’ll surely hang separately.’

All that aside, what do I find the most scandalous behavior for an IFB deacon on his way to the Governor’s Mansion? His warm up for Jacksonville’s Dancing With The Stars!  And he’s still a deacon?  Of course, anyone who knew Trinity less than 20 years ago know how IFBs have always been #1 in swing dancing!  Or maybe that’s just swinging? Okay, kidding.  We all know it’s not the dancing Baptists swear off, it’s the sex since it always leads to dancing.

It doesn’t quite make sense when you consider that a cheerleader from TCA was suspended for singing ‘Heaven’ on American Idol in 2002.

Daniel Davis and Mitt Romney:

Daniel Davis in State Legislature:

Daniel Davis at Trinity Baptist College wiki:

Daniel Davis and Dancing with the Stars:

TCA Cheerleader suspended for singing on ‘American Idol’:


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