Why did Dr. Gray leave Trinity?

This is the most intriguing thread at the Fighting Fundamentalist Forum.  The posts currently range from 2006, before Bob Gray’s arrest for child molestation, until 2011.  Many posts were deleted for reasons that are pretty obvious.  You get to see  cover up and deflection at work leading to the moment of truth after Bob Gray finally gets arrested. Then you have to jump to other threads to see how most, even those who defended Gray, change their loyalties back to the victims.

from:  http://www.fundamentalforums.com/trinity-baptist-college/3176-why-did-dr-gray-leave-trinity.html

Here are some highlights:

3/10/2006, Tlange: He left Trinity to go to the mission field and realized that his time was done at Trinity. He served honorably for 38 years. He wasn’t perfect but he did his best.

3/10/2006, Escapee: Doesnt need to be discussed on this board!!

4/06/2006, misscouche: Dr. Gray did NOT leave Trinity just to become a missionary to Germany. Tom Messer and the Deacons are fully aware of the truth behind his leaving. They, however, in their arrogancy think that they can thumb their nose at the victims and do business as usual. When things aren’t handled scripturally, they have a way of coming up again and again. Once again, another discrepancy has surfaced. The excuse that Dr. Gray’s good outweighs the bad is not in my Bible. Isaiah 5:20 says, “Woe unto them that call evil good and good evil…” It’s a sad day when integrity, credibility and accountability no longer matter in the church.

4/21/2006,  radioactivoconfitar: Yo ho, you are talking about a ninty something year old warrior of the Lord. Move along child, move along, this is yesterday’s news. It’s a sad day when gossip like yours is spread around a public forum for all to read.

4/29/2006, tlange: It is easy for you to come on here, post what you have posted above and provide absolutely NO SUBSTANTIAL PROOF whatsoever. So either provide proof or go away!

5/20/2006, funnomore: To all of you who jumped on the originator of this thread, you owe this individual an apology. Like so many “defenders”, when an accusation is made, you immediately jump to the defense of the accused without giving the accusation any consideration.

Bob Gray (FLA) has been arrested on child molestation charges against ELEMENTARY school girls. Now that it is public, you can publicly apologize as well.

5/20/2006, tlange: Does that mean he is guilty???

The person who originated this thread never provided any proof, but rather did what most do in such cases what Rush Limbaugh calls “drive bys”

It is sad to see something like this happen, but remember everyone is innocent until PROVEN guilty. He was arrested, it does not mean he is guilty…

Someone did provide some strong enough evidence for an arrest, but he has not been tried and convicted…


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