“You call that a knife? This is a knife!” Crocodile Dundee

What wimps these mortals be!  I’m having a flashback courtesy of Daisy Deadhead, an internet radio host that I have yet to listen to, not because of protest but because I just haven’t had the time.  She posted a comment in reaction to Greg Easton’s blog, The Hidalgo Grain Company, that has been construed as a physical threat.  If you want to explore this for yourself, here is the link:  http://www.stufffundieslike.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=4822

While I can possibly see how it ‘could’ be construed as a threat, in reality it’s all projection.  She’s in one area of the country bragging about biker friends in Pensacola who could pay him a visit and he could ‘witness’ to them.  Since fundamentalism, like medical marijuana, inspires paranoia, the gates were opened. Now legal advisers are allegedly being contacted.

Who is really the target of it all?  Not Daisy Deadhead but Jeffrey Hoffman, the founder of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgendered Alumni of BJU: http://lgbt-bju.org/

Does this not sound like the beginning of classic scapegoating?  The thrust of Easton’s complaint is that Dr. Camille Lewis, the former BJU professor known for documenting the early history of the Bob Jones family, founded DoRightBJU and Christopher Peterman, who was expelled allegedly for watching GLEE, was a patsy whom DoRightBJU selfishly allowed to take the fall for their nefarious and bitter agenda. What made them so bitter?  Anger about how sexual abuse victims were being treated by counselors at BJU.

It’s funny reading Hidalgo’s take on Peterman because it almost sounds like they’re on his side.  In fact, another so-called advocate criticized DoRightBJU because she felt they were having a poor student take the fall for them.  However, once Christopher Peterman began speaking out for himself through YouTube videos, the sympathy disappeared and now, I guess, he is considered ‘brainwashed’.

Fundamentalists that they are, I’m sure they’ll leap and say, “We never said he was brainwashed!”  And I will  have to say, “I never said you said he was brainwashed!  That’s my interpretation of your strange two-step when it comes to survivors and defenders of those who have been abused.  As long as they play by your rules, they are lambs needing to be protected.  The moment they become lions, they are suddenly undisciplined thugs.”

Daisy’s point, if you care to read the thread linked above, is that he’s a wealthy guy living off his wife in a beachfront house.  A personal attack, to be sure, but not what I would consider a physical threat.

You want to talk about physical threats?  When I began blogging about the Bob Gray case, I had emails saying I should be lucky I was living in California.  If I were living in Jacksonville, Florida, I’d have to watch my back.  Another posted, quite publically, that if he could put his hands through my computer monitor he would choke me to death.

It really began to get hairy when I went to Jacksonville and hosted a public awareness meeting at Fuel’s Coffeehouse on the subject of clergy abuse.  A few nights before the event, I received an email filled with bible versus about how those who oppose the righteous would be put to death.  I didn’t take this too well, I’m ashamed to admit.  Instead of contacting the FBI, I just posted a rambling blog that has since been deleted.  However, if you look at the news report below, you’ll notice they actually showcase a bit of this rambling blog for a few seconds.

Even if I had contacted the authorities in Jacksonville, you have to wonder if they would have taken biblical threats seriously.  Perhaps this person truly believed invisible angels were about to thrust their divine swords into my chest before I even made it to Fuels?  Maybe one of the deranged followers of fundamentalism might show up to ‘put wheels’ to his prayers’?  In the end, that didn’t happen and the ‘rally’, as I called it on YouTube, became the lead story the next night on the 11:00 news.

There was an FFF poster named PappaBear who took it upon himself to dig up the most embarrassing information about me.  Poppy Dixon, the satirist who brought us Betty Bowers, called me a ‘Christian pornographer’ and, combined with my interview with Hyapatia Lee and my ‘garage cinema’ flick, ‘Catholic School Catfight’, nearly sealed my reputation.  Yes, one of my actresses actually did go on to a brief career in adult videos and I was accused of ‘trolling’ Hollywood looking for innocent runaways to bring them into a life of porn.

I interviewed this woman to set the record straight, but when have fundamentalist ever showed a desire to make sure their facts were straight?

Now. . .let’s look at a few things from the fundamentalist perspective.  One of the so-called ‘advocates’ was responsible for getting a guy fired by calling his employer and revealing he was using the internet on company time.  She had some convoluted reason why she felt it necessary, but then she attempted it with another person.

I’m not mentioning names for the same reason Fred Goldman doesn’t say ‘OJ’ when discussing ‘Simpson’.  Even their names are repugnant to me.  I reached out to the second person she tried to harass which was significant considering that person was a supporter of Hephzibah House.  Survivor Wars make strange bedfellows!  I considered her actions so below the bar that I would rather deal with the devil I know than the devil who pretends to be on my side.

So what do I make of this controversy?  They’re trying to somehow pin it on Jeffrey even though it was not his post.  Sounds to me like subtle gay baiting.  When I received that ‘threatening’ message before my event, I could have interpreted that as a threat from Trinity but I knew better.  It could have come from anywhere and I will not fabricate an enemy from shadows.

That’s what’s happening here.  No one can seriously condemn alumni who have valid questions about how BJU treats sex abuse victims.  So, they have to create their enemies from the shadows.  Somehow they’re going to rope all the activists into one big monolithic package.  It reminds me of how the Civil War was discussed at my fundamentalist high school: it was all about states rights and not at all about slavery. They’re going to make those who demand accountability look like thugs when, in reality, they are the ones engaging in imprecatory prayers for the deaths of presidents, ambassadors, and even to silence the critics on the blogosphere.

Notice (feeli) on following the title: Saturday’s event is still on. It actually says ‘feeling better’. This blog used by WTLV-12 was actually written in reaction to an email that was nothing but ominous biblical threats. I was ticked off that I was receiving these threats and very little support from survivors.

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Dwayne Walker is a video marketer in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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  1. thehidalgograincompany

    Dwayne –

    Interesting blog – I was sent a link to it late last week.

    If I may respond to some of what you posted – that’s up to you since it’s your blog…

    At first I did not construe Earlene’s (a.k.a., “Daisy”, her on-air & on-line pseudonym) threats to be serious – certainly not against me personally. But when Earlene added my wife & kids to the mix, plus the South Carolina Green Party via Gregg Jocoy got involved, that’s when I mentioned it to an attorney I work closely with – “Should I be concerned about this?” I asked. The answer was I should be – so I was.

    Jeffrey Hoffman was never a target. I really have nothing against the LBGT BJU alumni – I just don’t agree with them. That’s where it ends. I would never consider physically threatening him or any of his compadres directly or indirectly.

    Now – Camille Lewis. She and her husband sold their souls to BJU – the university paid for their advanced “secular” degrees – then she got them both fired for her attitude and actions as a BJU faculty member. Her motivation is anger & revenge. Simple as that. My question is this – How can anyone trust someone who was a total sell-out at BJU for nearly 20 years and only “saw the light” when she was fired?

    And Chris Peterman (is he still around?) – it’s clear that he was not the “founder” or instigator of anything he was involved with. He was used and motivated by others – and he got expelled. Not for watching “Glee”, but for disparaging the university that was conferring his degree.

    Dwayne, if you need more info, ask – I’ve got the time…

    After all I’m just a rich guy living in a beach house sponging off my wife.

    the CEO,
    The Hidalgo Grain Company F.O.

  2. So, Greg, you’re back. Still spewing the same nonsense, and writing as though you know anything about the people mentioned here. Someone mentioned scary bikers? Waah, waah. Scary bikers can do some pretty great things, like blocking the Westboro Baptist members from shamelessly intruding on the funerals of soldiers who gave their lives for this country, and for bullies like you to be able to say what you want to say. God bless America.

    As for you. You know nothing. You’re a little Napoleon. And that last statement was redundant on purpose. You know no more about Camille, her husband, and Chris than you do about common decency. For a rich guy living in a beach house, bragging that he sponges off his wife, you still appear to have no life. Get one.

    By the way, do you prefer the name Lloyd over Pebble, San Gabriel, or San Alban for a beach house? Sycamore trees would be nice at such a place for a rich guy like you.

  3. Greg, pretty amusing that you refer to Camille selling her soul to BJU when you admit you ratted out your own roommate, voluntarily. I’d understand if you were under the gun, being threatened with expulsion, but you chose to walk into the Dean’s office and volunteer the information, even after the guy met your demands and moved out of your apartment. You blackmailed him then decided to screw him over anyway. For what reason? To gain a degree you haven’t used?

    (BTW, I’m guessing you don’t have the ability to edit my comments here like you do on your own blog.)

  4. Greg, since you won’t allow me to defend myself against you on your blog, I’ll do it here.

    IMDB is the industry standard of separating the hacks from the real filmmakers. If you’re going to keep referring to yourself as a “cinema” major (it’s called film major outside of IFBville btw) and refer to 90% of your classmates as “talentless knuckleheads” then you should at least gain a little legitimacy of your own in the industry first.


    I don’t speak psycho. You’ll have to translate.

    Why do you hate everyone?

  5. Hi Dwayne,
    I enjoyed your blog post. I listened to the Daisy Deadhead Show the day she interviewed Christopher Peterman the Saturday after his expulsion. She took about fifteen minutes of her hour show going on a rant about some Facebook idiot who put up a stupid Facebook group threatening her. After a rant about free speech she said people were calling her asking if she was ok. I saw the Facebook page, and it was out of line, it was immature, it was a stupid stunt, but it would be hard to take it seriously. I don’t believe anyone should make comments in jest, veiled or whatever threatening physical violence.
    What I can’t get over is the level of hypocrisy in Mrs. Deadhead’s actions. The threat on her part was followed with another post listing Hidalgo’s address, his wife’s place of employment, and the names of his wife and children. It listed Hidalgo’s former addressees as well. This would have terrified my wife. I personally listened to Daisy rant on her First Amendment rights, and how no one should intimidate her with threats, and then she responded with this for Hidalgo exercising his right to free speech.
    I get the comparison between the types of threats you received in your interaction with Trinity in Jacksonville, as being Dundee’s knife vs. the switchblade of the threats Hidalgo received. It is just that I have seen Mrs. Earlene whine incessantly about a paper cut while she pulled a switchblade. In all cases threats are just wrong. Threats that involve a family member are exponentially wrong.
    The comparison also breaks down between Trinity in Jacksonville, and Bob Jones University. Trinity was an open case of molestation perpetrated from the top over decades, and knowingly covered by the leadership. The cases cited from BJU are based in distant association and innuendo. I am sure that someone will lecture me on the entire Chuck Phelps story, but really at the point he resigned from their board where do you go?
    It doesn’t take long in watching the behavior of the activists against BJU to realize that this is largely based in pure revenge. Support for legitimate victims is noble. Revenge is not.
    You have my respect for your work with the people affected by Bob Gray under Trinity in Jacksonville.

  6. I missed the Daisy Deadhead show but, from what I read, I think words should have been chosen carefully. Survivors and their supporters do need to adopt the common sense viewpoint shared by many great teachers, not just Jesus, to not stoop to the level of their enemies. It always backfires and, what I fear is happening in survivor activism, desperation is replacing righteous indignation. Perhaps this is because it’s obvious neither the law nor religious institutions are addressing this issue. And when they do attempt to address it, as BJU will attempt in the Fall, it’s usually under wraps without any input from victims who have a legitimate beef.

    Bob Jones University does bear some responsibility, though, even if there was never an incident of abuse on campus. Between Bob Jones, III endorsing a book that treats Caleb Thompson, who nearly killed a boy out of brutality, like a martyr; a chapel speaker basically preaching a ‘forgive and forget’ message about a sexual abuse victim; a skit at a previous BJU event where an abuse victim got over her ‘bitterness’ (did the abuser in the sketch have a tearful repentant scene?); and their upcoming summit on abuse with a mysterious police woman who has very little info about her on the web along with a Republican strategist, it appears BJU is more on the side of accused churches than healing victims and helping them become survivors.

    Christoper Peterman read a statement from a woman molested by a dorm leader who was eventually ushered out of BJU during the nighttime hours. While that might only be one case, BJU is supplying intellectual ammunition for churches who wish to evade responsibility and accountability.

    Bob Gray is almost too easy a case to refer to, even though that’s really the one incident close to me. None of us could have thought it would expand into the horror show it did. Everyone wanted to believe that his, or her case, was an isolated one and we paid the price for our ignorance. Hopefully, those who have not totally sold their souls to BJU will wake up and realize they may be sitting on metaphorical dynamite.

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