First Baptist Church of Hammond, Indiana retakes the lead in the game of fundamental scandals!

The local news source for Hammond, Indiana reports that Jack Schaap, the pastor of First Baptist Church in Hammond, Indiana, was removed from his post because of
“a sin that has caused him to forfeit his right to be our pastor.”

Hammond Baptist dismisses pastor for ‘sin’.

No details from the mainstream media about the ‘sin’. Not to worry! As always, Facebook goes where the MSM fears to tread. A Facebook group, DoRightHylesAnderson has just been formed:!/groups/210248275769396/

Someone from the church allegedly found a cell phone with a picture of Pastor Jack in a compromising position with a minor. Hence, the police involvement spoken of in this article:

First Baptist of Hammond, Indiana once had the reputation as the World’s Largest Baptist Church. This would eventually be eclipsed by Willow Creek and a number of other megachurches across the country.

Jack Hyles was a pioneer in fundamentalist sin and salvation, having built the ‘world’s largest church’ and creating the strategy for fundamentalist cover ups. Hyles story has been recounted in books ranging from The Wizard of God by Victor Nischick and Fundamental Seduction by Voyle Glover.

Dave Hyles, his son, developed a reputation for seducing girls in his Christian school and was fingered for the death of infant, Brent Stevens. Jack was accused of having an improper relationship with his secretary. The fundamentalist world didn’t seem to have a problem throwing Dave under the proverbial bus, as it were.

Bob Gray, the late pastor of my former church, Trinity Baptist of Jacksonville, Florida, was a good friend of Hyles. A number of Trinity members I spoke with didn’t hesitate to condemn Dave Hyles. Possibly to show they didn’t have their heads in the sand. (“I don’t know about the accusations against Brother Hyles, but David definitely did it!”)

Many of those who defended Bob Gray after Gray’s arrest for child molestation didn’t bat an eye when it came to trashing Dave. However, once the accusations moved up the fundamental food chain to Hyles and Gray, they started to get nervous.

Schaap took over after the death of Hyles. He became known for preaching wild sermons that sounded like Al Bundy had traded in his booze for a bible. He preached women were sinning by ‘letting themselves go’ and basically preached against abuse victims seeking accountability. Now, we know why!

David Gibbs, official lawyer for scandal ridden fundamentalist churches, is flying in for damage control.

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  1. Not sure you have all your facts straight, but I am not sure you conveyed anything truly helpful only fueling the gossip. What FBC, HAC and the Schaap family need is prayer not satire or sarcasm.

    • If this were the first time this has happened, fine. Maybe some seriousness would be warranted.

      This is not the first time someone has been caught molesting children only to have a church either cover it up or minimize the situation. It’s just happened too much to so many IFB’rs and even those of other denominations. We know exactly the arguments that will be used to compel us to treat this as an anomaly. Fact is, FBC has played a role in minimizing the scandals happening across the country in other churches. The percentage of graduates from your school, or have been associated with it, who later get into similar trouble as Schaap is quite disturbing. That it finally blew up in their face is, to tell you the truth, a case where the chicken has truly returned to its roots.

      We all deal with things in our own way. When the play has already been written and you just see how things will continue on without one thing being done, beyond preserving an institution’s reputation over an individual, the only attitude left is sarcasm. We’ve tried tears. Didn’t work. Sarcasm and a bad attitude will take us to where obedience and submission have failed.

  2. Davidschulter

    AHaving graduated HAC in may 85 and having spoken at Trinity i have a good knowledge of both scandals i can say that they both should have been castrated. This they need prayer is just another way of putting your head in the sabd

    • Same here. Went to the High School. the College and married one of the ‘preacher boys’ who repeated the pattern in our family. Knew the Stevens family who were there at the same time. Having been at FBC and the Garland church…..then to hear this….ICHABOD….should be hanging over the door. All in the name of Jesus. Enough!

  3. What these men need is a good dose of hanging. Hang them for crimes against innocent or abused children. If you start hanging them it will be a deterant to the rest.

  4. Everything I’ve read so far seems to indicate that the church is not covering anything up, but instead cooperating with the police. I’m not ready to indict them yet, and sure do pray that they handle this correctly! I hate it when the cause for the Lord is slandered by those who abuse others. I do thinks it’s only fair though to admit that it is a universal issue, not just in IFB churches. How long did the Catholics try to cover their own issues of abuse?

    • What goes on in these type of IFB fundy churches has NOTHING to do with the cause of Christ…this brand of fundamentalism has morphed into something cultish and perverted and is based primarily on 1950’s-style tradition and lead by odd, delusional, and manipulative “preachers” who are exalted as “Men of God”

  5. Your article is poorly written.

  6. I’ve always maintained abuse is everywhere and it’s disingenuous to treat the IFB as if they’re the only ones who screw up child abuse investigations but everyone else is a-okay. In fact, I even allude to that in the article about ‘even other denominations’ (I know, big shock!) having the same problem. But everyone needs to be responsible for their backyard and, like it or not, the IFB is part of my backyard so every time it’s weeds grow I have to pull them out.

    First Baptist, during the age of Hyles, has covered up past abuses and now it’s caught up to them. First Baptist has no choice but to cooperate. Schaap is not a beloved fundamentalist figure like Hyles so it’s easy to throw him under the bus. As Jack Hyles/Bob Gray used to say about Lester Roloff, “If I saw him kiss a woman I’d swear he was giving her mouth to mouth resuscitation.”

    I don’t hear anyone accusing him of giving the girl the heimlich maneuver. Schaap hasn’t earned his stripes to be treated with that respect so out he goes without any hesitancy!

    Yes, I’ve probably written better articles but as these cases go on and on I’m tired of repeating myself. So, you’ll have to content yourself with my Cliff notes and do your own research.

    • Esther Vicente

      It looks to me as though someone set him up. Until Pastor Schaap himself admits to it I won’t believe it. It’s ridiculous, in my opinion, to so quickly believe anything especially without solid proof. Let’s leave the assuming and judging to the professionals and stay out of their business.

      • Set him up? Yeah, they planted a picture of a look alike in a compromising situation on his cell phone for the deacon to find. It’s probably the same people behind 9/11, halfwit. Thanks for providing a little comedic relief to this otherwise sad (and oft repeated) incident. You do understand we’re talking about SEX WITH A MINOR as well as violating the Mann Act (interstate transport of a minor for illegal sexual acts), right? Why do you think the FBI is investigating? If this were any average Joe, he’d be charged and awaiting trial. The church wouldn’t have dismissed/fired his ass for an allegation, they would’ve called it an attack on Christianity and fought back by bringing the CLA in for an actual defense instead of damage control. I’m stunned that people can be so blind because of one’s position

      • Secondly, who set him up? A 16 or 17 year old girl that Schaap claims he was counseling because she was a victim of sexual abuse? A 16 or 17 year old girl who Schaap chose to re-victimize and was brought across state lines from Indiana? Now reports say a girl was from Michigan. It’s not clear if that is the same girl, or yet another girl.

        Looks like ‘someone set him up’. Did that someone or someone(s) undress him and cause him to have a picture of his nasty deed on his own phone?

        ‘Someone set him up’. Nonsense poopy-pants!

      • First, who would want to set him up? If they wanted some kind of retaliation for something real or imaginary, there are better and easier ways to do that. I believe the admission has already happened plus cell phone pictures of same. This is a SICK SICK SICK situation, and you betcha I’m gonna judge when I see such a picture and hear a confession! I pray the legal system works long and hard to prosecute to the fullest extent of the law.

  7. Roger G. Briggs

    Everyone should be praying for Pastor Schaap and His family.They need our prayers not our fault finding.The Bible teaches us that if we see a Brother in the Lord sinning we are to restore him in a spirit of meekness.God is our judge.If He is guilty let him be judged according to Gods law.The bible tells us that God established the governing athoritys and we are to fall to their athority that have control of these laws..I believe it is to early to throw him to the lions,without all the facts not speculation.

    • Why pray for him when he preyed on others. He should be castrated

    • California Girl till death

      Last week the facts were told by JS in court to a judge. JS admitted to sexual conduct with her on at least 3 occasions! He also stated he did not realize it was against the law to have sex with a 16 yr old. WHAT?????? He said he knew it was a sin and against the Bible. God does bring justice and it is happening to JS. We need to pray for the girl he victimized! She went to him for help and he sexual abuses her! I am glad he will have to register as a Sex Offender for the rest of his life!

      God does forgive our sins when we humble ourselves and seek His face. I hope Schaap will do this in the next 10 years!

  8. Roger Briggs,

    First of all, Roger, I will pray for the victims. (Yes there are more than one.)

    Secondly, I will pray for Cindy Schaap and their children. Cindy was the product of a daddy who put the ‘dys’ in dysfunction.

    As far as Jack Schaap goes, I will pray for justice for his victims. Local police are investigating. The FBI has entered the investigation. The FBI doesn’t jump into an investigation like this unless there is a compelling reason for it. Those, Roger are the governing authorities. God’s law is great, but these victims deserve justice.

    Schaap is not just “every other Christian.” He is a leader, and has demanded obedience and respect on the basis of a position which requires him to be above reproach.

    I for one am not sitting around, waiting for leaders to fall; we are calling on all Christian leaders to be the men the Bible demands. The Bible has some pretty high standards: “blameless, as the steward of God; not selfwilled, not soon angry, not given to wine, no striker, not given to filthy lucre; but a lover of hospitality, a lover of good men, sober, just, holy, temperate” (Titus 1:7-8)

    The Bible does not say that God judges all sins the same. In particular the way God will judge sins of Leaders.

    “My brethren, be not many masters [teachers of the Word], knowing that we shall receive the greater condemnation” (James 3:1)

    In another passage, the Bible also says to publicly rebuke pastors who sin so that all may fear.
    Drop the company line and study the Bible for yourself. While you’re at it, take a good look at Jeremiah 23. Read it twice. In a modern language so that you actually understand it.

  9. From all the fundies all I hear is Pray for Schaap Pray for his family. HOW ABOUT PRAY FOR HIS VICTIM. Pray for the girl he preyed upon. Took advantage of. I pray for him ~ that he will see justice and that somehow he will get humbled before GOD and will TRULY repent. I do pray for his family. They need prayers for coping with this. But, by all that is holy ~ PRAY FOR THIS GIRL WHO HAS BEEN ABUSED THEN REVICTIMIZED BY SCHAAP.

  10. Please check out the video of Schaap’s July 8, 2012 message where Schaap talks very graphically about teen girls.

    **Trigger Warning**

  11. Uh, first of all, you need to learn how to write. Furthermore, they did not appoint Jeff
    Owens. Great journalism! Not! Get a life.

  12. What they really need is toU leave these children alone! This pastor has a higher judge & I tell you, even I’d he’s not prosecuted on earth, He’s got was coming to him from a higher power. Stop sexually abusing these children “men of God”…what a joke.

  13. i can guarantee you that Jeff Owens has not been “appointed” as pastor. #1 pastors are voted in by majority vote, and no vote has been taken. it is quite to soon for that. You have a right to spew your venom on your own page, but get the facts straight.

  14. Jeff Owens references have been removed. Eddie Lapina is currently the interim pastor.

  15. With all that’s been said I’m surprised that all Eddie and Suzan can come up with is Jeff Owens has not been appointed.
    I’ve grown up in First Baptist Church, I’ve attended 6 years at the Hammond Baptist Schools. I left with a deep appreciation for all that I learned and the level of education that I have. This situation sickens me.
    Of course it’s always possible that things may not seem as they appear BUT it’s awfully hard to see that now. And if there’s any truth to many of the different articles written he has admitted it. The church would not so hastly remove him permanently without good cause.
    This situation not only hurts the church but the good the church has offered. I pray for the victim and that God will lend her strength in the coming days. I pray for Cindy and her children as they will too have a difficult road ahead. I pray for all of us as this will truly rock the faith of many.
    I thank God for my salvation.

  16. Claudia Hammond

    This is the worst article iv read yet. You even got Bro.Hyles name wrong. You have no idea what actually happened so you should keep your lies and thoughts to yourself. Mind your own buisness because thats the only buisness you should be in.

  17. james czerniak sr

    It’s time to call in the infamous Westboro Baptist Church, Topeka, Ka. to do some protesting of their own faith, instead of protesting our soldiers killed in wars( ordered by our government), you Baptists should maybe take a good look at your hypricital selves. You think that you can sin and sin and sin, and then all is good because you ask for forgiveness.

    Don’t you think that GOD is tired of you commiting the same sins and think that you can walk away over and over and over again with forgiveness? I was raised Baptist but I wouldn’t step into a Baptist Church ever again!!!!! You guys are sad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  18. I am certainly not condoning or defending the actions of Jack Schaap especially after his own confession that the allegations are true. Indeed — he should be fired — and its not about forgiveness or unforgiveness — it is about right and wrong.
    Now having said that — I would also make comments to the “Idiots” who condemn all Baptists or all Christians for that matter due to the stupid actions of the few. If that is the case — why is there still a Catholic church after the number of incidents concerning Catholic priests. Why stop at only Baptists or Christians in general. Every human being alive is a hypocrite to one degree or another. How many “moral” individuals have had affairs or committed one sin or another. Is not human morality simply another form of religion. There are just as many hypocrite non-christians or non-baptists –if you please.
    Yes – fire Mr. Schaap — make an example if you must, jail him if neccesary. He who took upon the mantle of responsibility of being a Pastor — a leader — should have had the brains to know better.
    But condemn the individual — not entire faiths or religions — that is no difference from condemning entire races because of 9/11 or anything else.
    I could say a lot more but I will leave it at that.

    • I couldn’t agree with you more! No matter the religion or the person we are all humans of which none are exempt from sin. Thank God HE does forgive us whether we are Baptist, Catholic or any other religion for that matter. And even more remarkable is God allows us into heaven by accepting His gift of everlasting life. We should live OUR lives according to the Bible. My God is an Awesome God.
      Mr. Schaap did do the unthinkable and for that he should be punished but he does not represent the entire Baptist faith.

  19. I was at Do Right Hyles-Anderson to share the stories of what I saw at HAC, HBHS and FBC. However, I made the mistake of sharing an emergency I heard about from the charity, Children of the Rainbow. We are a non-profit and volunteered to help with a young man who was thrown out of his home by his fundamentalist pastor father, for being gay, something the parents just discovered. We mentioned we were a non-profit and trying to help this young man and donations would help do that. (He is here now sleeping after a big dinner.)

    The response was vicious. We were immediately charged with being frauds and compared to Nigerian scams. Once the accusations were made by this “fair minded moderator” we were not even allowed to respond and were banned from the site. Then, in typical fundamentalist fashion, we were also accused of not providing evidence—something that was impossible to do once banned from the site. I’m sorry, but the people running DRHA are still nasty, small-minded, angry fundamentalists. It doesn’t appear that what they went through allowed them to learn anything about human decency. They are still the kind of people I fled fundamentalism to get away from. I was shocked by accusatory tones and smears when all were trying to do was help someone who lost his home. BTW: In our original post we did say we don’t know if such a thing was appropriate, apologized if it wasn’t and said please take it down if that is what they thought. What I didn’t expect was the accusations based on, as one person put it “discernment” and the banning. Once a Hylesite, apparently always a Hylesite, at least in attitudes and compassion.

  20. Well now it seems God is cleaning house at Shenandoah Bible Baptist Church in Martinsburg WV, where one of the best known fundamentalist Pastors was basically forced into resigning…Jeff Owens. This is the same preacher that preached a sermon at a youth conference about killing gays when he was in his thirties.
    I believe him and Schaap were at one time both considered for the number one spot to become pastors at HAC.
    Seems his wife who each year put on the East Coast Ladies Conference decided to have some sex with a male member who had a position at the church.
    Now this is the same Jeff Owens that has a son in prison for having sex with an underage girl bus kid. The same Jeff Owens that had to fire another son who had sex with a married lady at the church where he used to be in charge of the youth ministry.
    But it gets worse, Gregg Bush who was directly under Jeff Owens and a graduate of HAC and worked for Jack Hyles tried to cover up the affair of Mrs Owens to the Deacons was forced to retire along with another assistant Pastor.
    I pray that the Church does not try to cover this up but goes public with all the info.
    I’ve gone many years to this church, but no more.

    • You definatly got that one right! Not only did he cover up that Josh Owens had sex with several woman in their church while he was the youth pastor, he also is covering the reason why he never took a strong stand on the inspiration of the kjv. Reason? He was forced to leave fbc because his wife had an affair there and js knew about it. Learn the truth people! Jo left because he was confronted about his wife. He will try to hide it. But the truth will always come out. He couldn’t rule well his own household. He no longer is qualified to be a pastor. Also, bush and young were both fired because they chose to not believe the truth. Even after reading the letters where mrs Owens admitted to no longer loving Jo. Even after hearing Jo admitt on tape that he knew for years that this was going on.

    • California Girl till death

      His name is Craig Bush!

    • California Girl till death

      True, True, True! How sad for the previous Pastor now who has to clean up the Owens’ mess and deal with his devout critical followers!

  21. What does the KJV have to do with any of this? Taking a stand on the KJV never stopped anyone from committing adultery, mistreating their wives, or abusing their congregation.

    • Absolutely right! Jo would not dare take a strong stand on the issue because if he ruffled js..than js would pull out the dirt on him.

  22. I think Jeremiah 23:40 covers the whole Jeff Owens clan.
    “And I will bring an everlasting reproach upon you, and a perpetual shame, which shall not be forgotten”.
    Now if they only get rid of that huge bill board in Martinsburg showing Jeff Owens and his wife proclaiming their church is one of the most exciting churches in the country.
    Well I guess there could be some truth to that.

  23. Funny how those under the “cult” of belief these men have all propogated, COME TO THE RESCUE! I wonder how they would feel if that were their child being abused. Jack took advantage of a young, sexually abused girl; HOW LOW IS THAT? I know others knew before the story broke, covering up the behavior inside the cult as they did Jack Hyles and his affair with his secretary. Those of you who scoff, go look at the interview of Jack Hyles’ daughter as she lived in the abusive home watching her dad’s affair and the cover up. What is that were your wife, daughter, sister or any other member of your family? If you can say the same then Todd, you are deep in the Cult…Get out while you can…How do you feel about the prosecution of sex offenders? I guess that is just gossip too! Have you ever seen the impact of such a thing as sex abuse, or the length and width of a cover-up? I guess you also believe the Warren Report..

    • “Hammond Baptist dismisses pastor for ‘sin’. No details from the mainstream media”

      Well that really narrowed it down now didn’t it. I would think they would do the community a favor if they would warn them to lock their kids up when he’s around.
      I know when I was a member at the Shenandoah church that one man said he would take a bullet for Jeff O. Seems he’s worshiping a man then the Son of God.
      In fact when JO left hammonds to come to WV he brought a lot of Hammonites with him.
      I call that a bad move. The Cult attitude of these guys is just phenomanl.

  24. It’s not just the in the Catholic Church that there are sexual preditors. You just hear about it more because the Catholic Church has much more money and the payout is much larger. Too many sexual preditors hind behind religion and it is in every church. You are a fool if you don’t beleive it! Nobody wants to believe when they hear a ‘family’ member comitted a crime and the same goes for the person they are listening to at the pulpit! I’ve heard from a few other former members of the First Baptist Church of Hammond that were told to not say anything when scandals came about. That is why they left and turned their back on a place that lies to the members faces.

  25. California Girl till death

    So is it right for Craig Bush (who tried very hard to cover up Schery Owens’ affair with her husband’s bodyguard) to start a church across town? He is alleged to be contacting JO’s followers at Shenandoah Bible Bap Church and trying to get them to move churches.

    This just not seem right in my eyes …. but maybe I am wrong?

    • Not right in my eyes either. Graig Bush is a very prideful person and now add vengeful to that list.
      I just can not understand how he can look a former member of that church and ask them to join him after so many now knows what he did. Probably his dad backing him.

  26. I understand that he’s got the same Hammonites that originally followed JO from IFC of Hammonds to Shenandoah Bible church and now to his (Bush) church. Birds of a feather I suppose.

  27. California Girl till death

    yes, it is the same followers! I hear they are meeting at the Holiday Inn on Sunday and the Comfort Inn on Wednesdays. I am just waiting to hear that Owens is attending there!

  28. Wonder if the music director Doug Nash and Jimmy Lindsey jumped ship to follow the cult mentality of Bush. And then how about Domelle who JO said was his best friend,
    Does he go to Shenandoah anymore to scream and shout ?

    • Terry, the music director is not Doug…his name is Gregg. I thought you said you went to that church?
      Never mind….a lot of people that attend there have no idea what is going on. They are sinners blindly following another sinner.

    • California Girl till death

      Greg Nash left a few weeks ago to a church in NJ. I am not sure about Domelle. According to Gray in TX, Domelle was the one who opened the can of worms on Schery and Craig Bush tired to cover it up.

      Do you still attend SBBC? John Doss is assisting Pastor Smith with things there. He seems ok but time will tell.

      • No i do not, but have many many friends that do. I still stay in touch though. Now I go to churches that believe in the Gospel but are not cult orientated. They actually serve the community, imagine that.

  29. I was a member of SBBC for many years started when Pastor Don had the church and was there when Jeff owens was elected in. I was friends with there daughter Charlotta and I was in a relationship with Jeremiah Owens. I was very close with this family. Im left with out words to describe how much my family and other family have been affected by the cover up and scandal from the Owens. There have been numerous death threats to friends due to Owens being forced to resign when it was Owens himself who knew the church constitutional rights and code to live by as being a Pastor. His son Joshua had numerous affairs His son Jeremiah Had numerous sexual charges more than just WV mind you. His wife was having an affair for 10 month with her body guard Matt Hill. All of which had been brushed under the rug. All had been covered up. Even my relationship with jeremiah was to be hidden because it would jeopardize Pastor Owens reputation. Matt Smith our former youth director, before his son joshua, was asked to leave and it wasnt until a paternity test came back proving he had a son by a former teenage girl in our youth group did anyone know the truth about that. It was told to the church he chose another path for his life. Another male child was molested by duane phillips in the church as well and Jeff Owens convinced the family that it would do more harm the good to turn the man in. To date Mr. Phillips is an active member in SBBC. I cannot speak Ill of jeff owens himself because he was a great pastor but how great can you be to allow such tragedy flood good hard working innocent pple who just wanted to obey the Lord And serve Gof by following who they thought was there leader

    • Wait….what? Are you sure your information about Matt Smith is accurate? He is currently pastoring a church….
      You would think churches would be smart enough to do research before hiring someone pastor them.
      And about Josh, maybe if his mother would have let him date the girl he was in love with at HAC (rather than making them break up because she was Spanish) he wouldn’t be in the mess he is in right now.
      Lastly, the Jeff Owens family has a long history of cover ups. They think they are good at covering family “secrets” but in the end it will all come out.

    • California Girl till death

      That is what I do not like about his lifestyle. He looks down on others who do wrong while he is covering the same sin in his own family. JO and Craig Bush need to re-read JO book on Ethics …. they preach one thing and do another. This is not the God of the Bible that I read.

    • California Girl till death

      So what does Charlotta think about what her mother did? What about her brothers? I just feel for her. I don’t know her but does she have the same spirit as they do?

      Who is Duane Phillips? Is the family of the boy/girl still at SBBC? This needs to be investigated!

      • Charlotta had many cover ups of her own to worry about. I’m sure she probably is in denial about the whole situation though.

      • They told their children the same thing they are telling everyone else. Or at least that’s what they’re saying anyway.
        Btw, domelle found out about all this when the man so had an affair with contacted him. When he spoke with Jo, Jo admitted to knowing this and refused to do anything about it. That’s when domelle had no choice but to let the deacon board know.

  30. I can’t get over the Matt smith comment. I know his wife quite well and I would think she would know if her husband had a son from another woman?!?! I find your story to have some lies…

  31. I’m assuming my pastor received this letter. Hope he doesn’t fall for it!

    Dear Friends,

    We want to take this time to thank you for your love, prayers and overwhelming support for us.

    My wife and I started a sabbatical on July 31, 2012. I also resigned the pastorate of the great Shenandoah Bible Baptist Church of Martinsburg, WV, on that same day. We already miss the people terribly. This has made it possible for Mrs. Owens and me to take a much needed break. Since that time, we have been thoroughly enjoying our extra time together. We have been resting, visiting family and serving God at a lighter pace while getting a greater amount of personal time with Him. Our marriage is strong, happy and better than ever. The churches we are visiting have been delightful and refreshing. I have also enjoyed getting some quality time with some of my older, wiser preacher brethren.

    As a result of this sabbatical, I have cancelled most all of my preaching engagements across the country, and as requests for me to speak continue to come in, I am putting them on hold for a few months. I will travel and preach again in the future. I am spending my spare time writing materials to help God’s people and His churches. Our next book will be a 240-page book called “Teaching Sunday School Teachers to Teach Sunday School”. Mrs. Owens is enjoying this extra time by baking, quilting and playing her piano. Pray for me as I am gaining weight at a rapid pace. I have discovered that you can’t lose weight by only talking about it, but you have to keep your mouth shut. I used to hate diets, and my practice was that every time I said the word “diet,” I would wash my mouth out with chocolate. Obviously I will have to give up that practice. We together, are enjoying many activities like taking walks, riding bikes, soul winning, praying and singing, as well as, going on romantic dates at some of our favorite restaurants and places.

    I will soon be posting some new sermons on Owens Publications at the free sermon option. I will also post an update such as this one from time to time for you to read.

    My wife and I both look forward to our future ministry as we serve our great God together. Serving Jesus has been, is and will continue to be our passion. God bless you as you follow Him. We love you and thank God for your friendship and encouragements.

    A piece of advice for us all:

    “Be kind to everyone, because everyone is having a tough time!”


    Dr. Jeff Owens

  32. California Girl till death

    Now the JO followers are saying that the whole thing was a hoax. Someone hacked into SO’s email and sent out all these emails to this man. She and he knew nothing about it. There was an affair in Hammond also and JO thought leaving Hammond would change her.

    Also, heard that JO was making $100,000.00 per year! Wow … last I checked the average income in Berkeley Cty was about $43,000.00. UNREAL!! how can people not question this stuff???

    Is Charlotta still at SBBC? Why? It seems she would follow her father. Is she close to her family?

    • If her affair was a “hoax” as they are saying, why not address this issue in the letter? I know people who live out of the country and know about the affair.

  33. Read that letter on owens’s web site. How can this man ever stand behind a pulpit again. I remember the sermon he gave on who should be a deacon. They had to be squeaky clean with great family morals. I guess he’s held to lower standards.
    Pastor Don Smith is negotiating with a Pastor in Canada to pastor sbbc. And I understand that domelle ruffling a lot of feathers at sbbc.

    • California Girl till death

      I was able to attend SBBC on Sunday …. sat in the back. They had a special speaker from Hyles. I did not see Domelle there. He probably flew the coup too.

      I did hear that Craig Bush told all the people who followed him not to give their tithe to SBBC, to hold it until he started his church. His first 2 services offering was about $9,000.00. WOW! Do you think he will pay taxes on this?

      I did see Charlotta there …. which surprised me! I thought she would follow the others or at least go with her parents.

    • California Girl till death

      who is domelle anyways? he followed owens to SBBC so if he is upset with the church …. leave! dont’ start problems!

  34. JO is fast becoming the Lance Armstrong of IFB pastors. This just blows me away how he’s going to write sermons for the cultist zealots fundie crowd. About what, how to drink the cool aid? Why would anyone want to read anything by him? That would be like a guy wanting to learn how to coach a football team but instead of reading about the late Vince Lombardi, he’s reads about a coach who never won a championship or could keep his team (family) inline. Then about the Sunday school upcoming piece. Wonder if he’s going to tell them on how to cover up when a male sunday school teacher has sex with a young boy. I asked several people about this and they both new about the cover up.

    There used to be a lady who I thought was one of the most Christian ladies I knew. She was in the choir but then was told she could not sing solo cause one of the zealots seen here wearing ladies slacks in public. Both her and her husband now attend another church. But JO who knew a church member was in bed with his wife does nothing until the news went viral.
    The only way I’d ever listen to him was he admits all the shame he has caused, get out of the IFB movement which he now has no choice and to preach at a God fearing Christian church and stop taking the seperation thing to such extremes where they do not serve the community. God never intended for any Christian to hide in the closet but let your light shine to others by your actions and words.
    I recently spoke to a very good man who just told me about something he saw over a year ago that happened early in the morning during the week. My friend was doing some work before the usual morning crowd arrived when he walked into the church. The door opened up at JO’s office when a women who still to this day works there with JO walking out about a two seconds later. Well that alone don’t mean anything. But what JO did next does raise some concern. My friend while walking behind both who at this point had not been noticed. Saw JO with out even looking down, grabs his zipper and pulls it up. Hmm, it was like he knew it was down all along. Again nothing can be proved on what went on behing that closed door. But my friend shortly after left the church. Only after all this trash came out did my friend ever breath a word about this to anyone.
    I guess what is good for the goose is good for the gander.

    • California Girl till death

      Who was the lady? Wonder if she is still at SBBC?

      A friend said that his boys have made the comment, “if you only knew what my dad does”.

  35. California Girl till death

    IFB churches will still listen to him. Did you not hear that it was a hoax? LOL His marriage is stronger than ever!

  36. As of several months ago she did. Both her and her husband have positions in the church.
    I drive buy the church about everyday and the Sun service is down judging by the cars in the lot. I do miss the people there, but they’re just so brain washed in that IFB mind set. They really believe that they no God better then the others.
    I myself have been on the pulpit at sbbc several times on a Sun. morning. But the constant hearing that “they don’t think or act like us” sent yellow flags waving.

    • California Girl till death

      about 150 have followed Bush to his new church.

      Someone told me today that JO is going to a church in Berkeley Springs? did not know that there was an IFB church there.

  37. On the pulpit meaning standing behind it and delivering a prayer to the congregation.

    • California Girl till death

      So I hear that Corey Banes from OH is going to candidate? Have you heard any updates about this?

  38. noneofyourbusiness

    I used to know jeremiah all too well. I was 15 when we met.

    He is a dangerous preditor…and I am pissed he is out roaming the streets of martinsburg.
    Out playing golf and scouting all the little kids on the playground.

    You people think you know what their family is like.
    they are all dangerous, and they didn’t care what I went through or what those girls went through…..
    I am STILL trying to recover from the mess he created in my life.
    jeremiah told me after he got arrested that one of the pastors molested him..
    i don’t know how true that is…jeremiah wanted to find any way possible to get the sympathy vote from the judges during his trial.
    His mommy thought is he shaved his face- it would make him look younger…it just made him look more like a pedofile.

    I just hate him…and his horrible hypocritical family.

    • Okay….? None of us said that JO was preaching still. Ummmm….NO I don’t trust you. I’m sure there is someone who knows them better than you do. Unless wait? Are are his sister or mother? Or maybe you’re his brother?

      • You’re comments are irratating.
        What makes you think you have all the facts?

        Some people do know exactly what’s happened and half of what’s on this thread is complete bs. Most of it coming from you. Others here have actually experianced the emotional trauma & somehow you believe your something special & all knowing. I think you sound like a twat.

      • @ Judy
        I think you meant to say “your and irritating” ?
        I guess the truth hurts!

    • How well do you know Matt Smith?

  39. National Old Paths Conference has been taken off the SBBC website. Will be held in Texas. Guess SBBC is not so GREAT anymore huh.

    • California Girl till death

      all I can say is this …… did God call Domelle to SBBC or did JO? Seems to me like JO called Domelle; otherwise he would still be at SBBC.

  40. Was wondering about the NOPC? I thought Evangelist domelle might just take it over. He might be done with sbbc or vice a versa? I checked out the Youth Conference and it’s still listed. They need to update their add they have posted. It still shows JO and the gang. Nash is no longer there and domelle is questionable but I really think he won’t be there. I see that Charlotta’s husband elswick is on the add also. Love to know the dark secrets he knows about the JO clan? Anyone seen elswick? Wonder if he’s still a deacon?

  41. Then again, elswick might not have been a deacon? But he did sit behind JO on the pulpit. Just blows me away how JO said on his site that his marriage is better then ever. So I guess before Ms owens slept with another man it was not all that good?

  42. I’m glad all the Christians aren’t judging or gossiping because that would be wrong.

    • California Girl till death

      JS (Jack Schaap possibly)???? — JO was critical of everyone who did not follow him so we who he judged are now just posting our comments about a man who thought he was god and now has fallen because he could not keep his wife in check. Did you know that this is her 2nd time cheating on him? Indiana now WV.

    • Wait..what? I’m sure you heard that from bush…

      • California Girl till death

        Judy, you have obviously been drinking the Owens kool-aid. Talk to her former bodyguard! He will tell you the truth!

  43. Not Jack Schaap……Joyce Scott! I will not use this forum or any other to judge not because any pastor says it’s the wrong thing to do but because GOD says it’s the wrong thing to do. He, as well as all the others on this earth will be judged by the ultimate judge. For now the law will deal with him and his wrong doings.

  44. I am a member of SBBC. Jeff Owens resigned. I was there… cut and dried. Domelle is a just a preacher that yells all through his messages and give very little meat. I heard him preach the first time and it turned me off right away… not one time did he mention God or Jesus, however, Jack Hyles was mentioned at least 20 times. He left SBBC when he realized that he would not become pastor there. He high-tailed it out of Dodge real fast. Mrs. Owens did have an affair…fact… Bro. Owens has tried to cover it up. When he fired his son, all he announced was that his son was involved in sexual sin and that was it… never mentioned it again. Not much was mentioned about his youngest son who spent time in prison for having sex with a 14 year old and 15 year old girls when he was 20. That is another story for he got a pretty hard sentence when those girls knew exactly what they were doing. Bro. Owens never mentioned about this same son having a criminal record and being on probation in Indiana. Now, the deacons fired Craig Bush for being loyal to Jeff Owens. Bush had hoped that Bro. Owens would take some time off and come back to pastor. The deacons would have none of that. Now, contrary to what Bush has preached/taught (I was in his Sunday school class) he has started another church in Martinsburg. Most of all the Hammonites have followed him. I consider that unethical.

    • Okay…so you pretty much have all your facts right on except for the comment about domelle leaving because he realized he wouldn’t become pastor….sounds more like your opinion than truth…

      • California Girl till death

        Domelle left because he was riding on JO coat-tail. He no longer had connections so why not move to Bob Gray and ride on his “coat-tail”.

      • California Girl till death

        So Cynthia, since you stated earlier that you and Charlotta were friends …. tell us … is she gay or a swing batter? That is the rumor that is going around now.

    • California Girl till death

      Bush has always been unethical. We dealt with him at MCA and that is why we left the church and school!

      So what is the rumor of some gay affair that Owens knew about but never dealth with it?

      • It is not a rumor. It is true. JO did deal with it in his under the table way. The man involved was a decon and a married man with a child. He had a homosexual fling with an recent graduate of MCA (very young adult). JO stripped him of his deaconship and all duties. He and his family are still in the church the young man is not. To this day he is marginalized and has no duties with children or teen and does not teach SS. I actually believe that JO did try to help this man and his family through this. However, no sin has ever been handled the Biblical way, in MY OPINION. I am not a Bible scholar and I may be wrong on this.

    • Do you know Matt Smith?

  45. Having went to there for my entire childhood until I left at at 16 (I’m now 50 – I was in on the “Civic Center” visit), I could write a book – but I’ll try to keep it short. My jaw still drops in amazement after all these years when I read that FBCH is still open. To their credit – and I will use this term loosely for the sake of this discussion – the “brainwashed” faithful have showed resiliency and faith in holding that mess together.

    Blame? Schaap and Hyles were certifiably nuts – there is no other way to put it. It only took a few services to figure that out. I saw it when I was eight or nine years old. The place promotes – and always did – wife and child abuse. I don’t care how we spin it – it is what it is. However, I blame the deacons and congregation for not stepping up and doing the right thing and cleaning house. To an outsider, though, you have to remember the tremendous internal emotional forces on members to NOT question anything. It is a vicious cycle: the “true” Christians follow the pastor and the sinners question the pastor. If you don’t like it, you leave. Hyles was ALWAYS threatening people – it was a weekly event. To many, it gets so insane, you have to leave. This is how both pastors cleaned out the congregation so that only followers remained. This is not uncommon and happens at many churches – this “weed-out concept” is discussed in executive church meetings all the time. Basically, what you had left were people that would believe just about anything those two said regardless of logic or reason. There is nobody to point fingers at but themselves – Schaap should have been gone three months after he started.

    Pray? I guess I would pray for the victims. (although an argument could be very eloquently presented along the lines of “if God would let the pastor and church leaders commit such atrocities, why would he step in to provide relieve for the victims after the fact?) With all due respect for the wife, she knew what she was getting into when she married into this mess and attended that place. She’ll have to deal with this the rest of her life and I do wish her well; however, pray for her? No. Not this time. She’s an adult. She can be accountable for herself. It’s part of growing up – a part of growing up that many women do not go through in that church unfortunately.

    This won’t be the last time this happens everyone – get used to it. As long as churches like this exist that teach this type of hard-core fundamentalist Christianity, it is nothing more than a moral dictatorship. What the pastor says, goes.

  46. I attended SBBC for years. Here is the truth about the Owens family. Mrs. Owens did have an affair, Jeff Owens tried to cover it up. Most of the members that left and went to Bushes church refuse to believe the truth about Owens and some say they are waiting for him to come back. All of Owens kids are messed up in some way. To many things have been covered up. Josh had numerous affairs and is a porn addict. Jeff Owens knew of these things, but continue to allow him to be the Youth Pastor. Jeremiah was convicted of molesting/having sex with under age girls, in IN, KY and WV. Charlotta, not so perfect. She and her husband split up, not sure if they still are. But it was believed she was having a relationship with another female in the church, whom she was living with during the split. It’s just a big mess. I wish people would realize the need to stop following man, and start following the bible. I wouldn’t want him preaching in my church, especially on the home.

  47. Cynthia, Domelle did leave because he realized he was not going to be pastor of SBBC. I know this to be true, it is not my opinion. He was upset because Pastor Don and John Doss were co-interim pastors. He made a power play and it failed. Then, he made the excuse that having two pastors was unscriptural. That is not my opinion, I got that from a source that knows. If you want to think it was my opinion, fine. I would not give two cents for Domelle, nor would I walk across the street to hear him rant and yell… he does not preach, he YELLS and YELLS and YELLS! Have you heard him? SBBC has called a pastor. I am not going to say his name in this forum yet because it has not been officially announced at SBBC as I write this reply. However, tomorrow, Sunday, January 27th, it will be.

  48. Barry, you got it dead drop accurate about Domelle. He was causing a lot of trouble there with him self promoting himself to Pastor. When he preached at SBBC, I’d would always go up on the second floor back into the large room aka Persian room just to save me eardrums.
    I know he’s “Old Paths” but seriously, we now have electricity with the means to amplify our voice to the multitudes.
    Barry, does Elswick still go to SBBC?
    Also please report back as to their choice of Pastor. Wonder if it’s the Pastor from Canada they were trying to get? I’m sure who ever it is he’ll be hardcore IFB.
    One more question for you. Do they still have a Sat. morn. mens prayer? Did not notice the cars there last Sat.

    • Yes, J.V. is still on staff. And, he and his wife, Charlotta, did not break up. I cannot believe how that rumor started. His house was very badly damaged in a storm and it took them some time to get it repaired. Charlotta stayed with a friend while he fixed it. I guess that is where the rumor started. This morning, the official announcement will be made about who the next Pastor will be at SBBC. He is not the guy from Canada. Yes, he is a HA graduate. I voted for him. I have hopes that he puts Jesus before all these so called “standards” most HA graduates push. If he is hardcore and puts more stock in preaching against ladies in pants and people going to the beach, then this family is out of there. We put up with that for ten years with JO and we are done with it. I have no problem if a preacher believes in those standards, my problem is it be the focal point of his ministry. I cannot find it scriptural to be so hardline on this issue. Yes, Saturday morning mens prayer meeting is still happening. However, they no longer serve a breakfast before prayer time. After prayer the men who want to, head to a local eatery for breakfast.

    • Corey Bane, from Grace Baptist Church, Delaware, Ohio has accepted the call to be pastor of Shenandoah Bible Baptist Church.

  49. Thanks for the update.

    Another question for you guys and gals. Did Jimmy Lindsey and M.shananburger jump ship and go with Craig Bush down the street?
    Wonder if C. Bush considered what the apostle Paul said about his opening of this church and recruiting members from SBBC? I think 1 Corinthians Chapter 10: 10 & 11 sums it up.
    I do think there is “contentions among you”. You meaning Bush.

    • Jimmy DID NOT go with Bush. He moved his family to a church in Winchester, VA. That established church has several families, good people, that left SBBC because of JO’s cover ups and “Don’t question” the preacher ways. My family chose to stay and just not fall for what the Hammonites tried to do at our church. I have been at that church too long to cut and run. However, if Cory Bane is any way like JO, sadly, we will be looking for another church. I have hopes that he is realistic and will allow himself to get close to his people. Hopefully, if we need to have a conference with our preacher, we will not have to wait three weeks to get an appointment like we had to do with JO, if we were lucky! JO was never reachable on the spur of the moment or even the next day for his people. He was too busy saving America and Fundamentalism. Yet, his family and first church is a mess. Yep, JO failed at both. I am leary of HA guys. I honestly do not know where Mike S. has gone, therefore, I will not give an opinion either. However, I will say, I have no respect for those that went with Bush and Bush himself. I think your scripture references are correct. It is one thing to join up with an established church, but starting a church just a few miles from one you left under adverse circumstances is not right in my eyes, and I think in what one could get from the Bible as well.

  50. Got him a new church in North Carolina. Kinda layin low!!

  51. Any info on Matt Smith would be great. Email me at

  52. i attended shenrndoah bible in martinsburg wv jeff owens was pastor what I noticed the people make these men icons God is who we worship not these men they try to rule with fear and a fist of iron there law not biblical truths I was astounded also I think this is why all the affairs .

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