What would you do if your child was molested by a major religious figure?

What would you do if your child was molested by a major religious figure? Would you report him? Would you confront him? Would you ignore him? Would you pray for him? Would you kill him?

“Dwayne Walker has been able to capture the truth of abuse that stayed in silence for too long. It’s truly a page turner. One I did in one sitting and a book I would read again.” Wayanne Kruger, National Child Advocate/Author

Is the successful prosecution of a child abuser necessary in order to put the past behind us? Are those who have been cheated by an inept prosecution to be denied closure?

Sarah Starr teaches fifth grade English at Diadem Christian Academy in Crane City, California. Adam, her husband, is pursuing a masters in biblical studies when both learn troubling news. Chelsea, their daughter, claims she has been abused by Dr. Roger Bunyan, Jr, the founder of their bible college and former pastor of Diadem Baptist Church.

Sarah and Adam want to do the right thing by scripture. Instead of withdrawing her from Diadem Christian Academy, they keep Chelsea at Diadem to teach her that Christians can resolve their differences in a godly manner. Sarah’s odyssey takes her on an insane journey into the absurdities of fundamentalism, Christian education, abusive children’s homes, mission board policies, internet advocacy, politics, entertainment and mass media evangelism until she witnesses the disturbing, but inevitable, conclusion.

Christian School Confidential spans three generations of abuse. This novel demonstrates how true closure can be found in a society where both the justice system and religious institutions actively work to sabotage that goal.

Available on Kindle: http://tiny.cc/6hbxhw

Available in paperback: http://tiny.cc/hjbxhw


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Dwayne Walker is a web designer and event promoter in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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  1. I don’t know what to do about a pastor’s wife setting up my 16 year old son with thier 16 year old daughter and supplying them with places to have sex (including thier own home after calling me and telling me my son was just staying overnight with thier son and the daughter wasn’t there), sex books, and condoms and then telling them in God’s eyes they were married. Mind you this was 12 years ago. The meeting with my son and this church and a group of men was held on August 29th of this year. My son has had it with church “leadership” and the hypocrites and if it was truly dealt with he wouldn’t be bothered by it now. Which exposes how the pastor and leadership at this church swept this under the rug about ten years ago. Listen to this meeting – it is unbelievable. It is on the web at http://snd.sc/O5lPLJ .

    This wasn’t an easy or “fun” thing to do. But you know what…my son sought good Christian counsel…which after what he has been through with this church is unbelievable that he did. Would to God he had sought more counsel back then. But all in God’s timing. I will not go into specifics as that is his cause. My cause? Exposing to any other single mom that is putting thier children in the care of these people that have a cult like mentality that they can take your children and do to them what ever they want. Go against your very wishes behind your back. And steal your children’s hearts from you, which enables them to control and manipulate your children into situations that you as a single mom had more faith, character, and morals and you would never put your children in. DO NOT let church leadership control your children. If it feels at all not right….its NOT. Get out.

    My son contacted this pastor when he was in his first year of college in another state. He needed this settled due to the guilt he suffered. The pastor claims now that he left it in my son’s hands as to if it should be brought before the church and he never heard anything from my son so nothing was done. He and his wife sought God for restoration and all was fine. Really? Did someone forget that she was a pastor’s wife that I had entrusted my son to her and other church leaders and they/she not only allowed, but orchestrated this encounter. Totally and completely against my wishes. What? And when my son brought up letting me his mother know this preacher (at the link above) begins to say well your mom might not be stab…but stops himself since he is on video told my son I probably didn’t need to know at the time. Really? If this pastor’s son had this happen to him you are going to tell me that the pastor would not expect to have that son counseled that to go and tell his parents so that that child parent relationship could be restored? No – not this pastor…but he says repeatedly how he and his wife’s relationship has been restored. THAT’S NOT THE RELATIONSHIP THAT WAS TARNISHED !!!!! It was that single mom that put three of her most prescious possesions in your care and you did what? Of course he didn’t encourage him to tell me…his kind label a woman that speaks up for herself as not stable or better yet crazy or men haters. Please put down your clubs, stop grunting, and realize maybe women cut thier hair short isto get it across to your kind you not only DON’T drag us around like cave men you CAN’T. He knew darn well I wouldn’t keep my mouth shut. You did what to my son? Your wife allowed what?

    Not surprising and almost not even disappointing anymore after knowing about cover ups and hearing about even more would be the pathetic manner in which this was handled by these men last Wednesday. Seriously…when my son finally does get a word in edge wise he is cut off by these men of God because they have already handled it..really? That is why my son and his wife couldn’t stomach attending this church again when they moved back. This woman with the perverted behavior is in a leadership position of sorts. Really? That’s when this pastor on this tape starts his well you were moving on with your life and had this settled so why couldn’t my wife!!! My son’s reply would be simply…I am not a pastor’s wife. That is the huge difference people!! Wake up!!! Look what you did to my child!!!! I entrusted you!!!! Do you get that!!!???? You didn’t encourage my son to come to me for restoration, why is that? Because I’ll call you out..and I am. This preacher’s reply….you’ll love this…Well you’re a preacher!!! You went to Bible College!!!! Really? Flashback pastor we are talking about your wife orchestrating this (BY HER OWN ADMISSION AND DOCUMENTED BY THE DAUGHTER). He isn’t a preacher now and he wasn’t 12 years ago…wow…kinda scraping for anything aren’t you?

    Probably the most amazing (and when my son knew he was talking to nothing but a bunch of spineless followers that would cover up anything to keep thier little dynasty afloat) – this pastor calls my son a molestor of his 16 year old daughter…my then 16 year old son that his wife handed her daughter to is a molestor. He raises his voice saying you slept with my daughter!!! Really? So why don’t you ask your wife again just why she felt so inclined to do such a perverted thing?

    I’m here to ward single moms to question anyone that has any authority over your kids. My son will pursue exposing this church for what it is. I thought we were suppose to warn of this type of behavior. Appears now God’s getting a whole bunch of house cleaning done. Then, just maybe then we can get something done for the Lord. Shame on these people in the ministry for not being accountable to the children that we love. You are accountable to us…and you are even more accountable to God.

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