Survivor Wars III – Foxes in Charge of Henhouse?

My article which explored the concept of ‘professional victim’ has definitely set off a shockwave at ‘Stuff Fundies Like’. I will address some of the points brought up on this blog, but I will not journey to that forum to participate in the dialogue with Miss Massi. If she wants to dialogue with me, she can either come here or unblock me from her website and/or Facebook profile and continue the dialogue in the presence of her fans. Also, no private messages either. If Jeri Massi is speaking, I want witnesses!

It’s interesting how she keeps bumping up two articles where she answers charges leveled against her by Jocelyn Zichterman and allegedly by Camille Lewis. The ones by JZ are rather ridiculous but the main charge by Camille Lewis that Massi has (or at one time had) a bias in favor of Bob Jones University can be backed up. There was a time when it was difficult to find accusations against faculty or staff of BJU on her webpage.

The idea of Massi’s BJU bias was further fanned when she wrote this on page 68 of her book Schizophrenic Christianity:

“The dynasty structure in Fundamentalism is nothing new. It dates back to the Joneses of Bob Jones University, the somewhat feudal Fundamentalist university which, despite its weaknesses, has remained free of the rampant, flaming allegations of sexual deviancy found in the high places of some other fundamentalist schools and churches.”

Schizophrenic Christianity was published in 2008. In her current answer to Camille, Massi does make a list of cases regarding those who attended or affiliated with BJU. Notice the years of those articles are post 2008. Perhaps that’s when her ‘state of grace’ regarding BJU came to an end?

The questions I would like to see her address are the ones I leveled at her on the FFF and occasionally in my blog that have gone without an answer. It concerns a post by someone who may, or may not, be her sock-puppet: spiffenwheeze.

You can read his comments here:

Underneath his blog, I left a comment about a few matters I would like Jeri to address.

1) Is spiffenwheeze telling the truth? Does she know him? Is he, or was he at one time, her sockpuppet?

2) Where is this synopsis I allegedly wrote about her life? Can I read it?

3) Where did I ever say she met Voyle Glover at Hyles Anderson?

4) If she doesn’t know spiffenwheeze and has no relation to his page, will she repudiate his lies and allegations in public?

If spiffenwheeze ever gets deleted, I have screen shots! Those are some questions I would like to have answered!

Regarding the other points brought up at SFL. The idea that ‘even good homes can produce a rapist’ argument can also be used to cover up parent’s neglect. There are probably some very ‘good families’, at least that’s their perception, who act shocked when their children wind up being abusive.
These ‘good families’ may only be good when it comes to cover ups. Was there neglect going on where we can’t see it? The kind of neglect that can be covered up when the police, or researchers, come asking questions?

Remember, at one time cigarettes were deemed healthy and homosexuality was considered a mental illness. Let’s not forget the advertisements which once stated sugar is good for kids! Many times, the reality is right in front of our eyes in spite of studies that merely act to give us so-called evidence we need to justify our denial and ignorance.

This is a topic I will explore in greater context as I begin the series. Nothing is ever totally resolved and studies do have a way of reflecting a bias of the organizations which sponsored it.

One thing most abusive people, and organizations, have in common is a reluctance to answer questions and a bullying approach whenever questions are asked. When I broached the subject of ‘professional victims’ one of the posters at SFL said the very idea will ‘shut down any conversation’.

Maybe over there, but not over here. When all is said and done, only a ‘professional victim’ will get upset over the term ‘professional victim’.

Stay tuned. . .

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