‘Catholic School Catfight’ : a response to ‘Innocence of Muslims’

‘Innocence of Muslims’ is a crude attempt at comedy. It was produced by fundamentalist Christians and shot in a church somewhere in Los Angeles. The filmmaker is, at the moment this blog is being written, in the custody of the police. It’s by his free will since there are threats against his life. United State Embassies throughout the Middle East and even Australia are under attack.

The White House asked google/youtube to remove the video but they have refused. Good for them! We need to see why people are fighting and killing. In the end, it’s probably just as non-sensical as most reasons we go to war.

I have decided to re-release ‘Catholic School Catfight’, a movie I shot in 2002, today on YouTube as the only intelligent response to a movie of this nature. A crude attempt at comedy to malign Islam deserves another crude attempt at comedy to throw a pie in the face of American fundamentalism.

Their end times views are the very reason (next to oil) we still embed ourselves in the conflicts of that region. If we continue to force our end times visions on that country, we will certainly force a self fulfilling prophecy resulting in a showdown of biblical proportions.

‘Innocence of Muslims’ was shot for $250,000.00. ‘Catholic School Catfight’ was shot in my backyard for $500. You can decide if that was money well spent.

Danny Christ, a Facebook friend, is the publisher behind LOST ANARCHY. He was also a writer on the Hollywood newspaper, Rock City News. He invited me to the premiere of Lloyd Kaufman’s Citizen Toxie. I ordered Kaufman’s book, EVERYTHING I KNOW ABOUT FILMMAKING I LEARNED FROM THE TOXIC AVENGER, and began reading.

The Toxic Avenger movies addressed serious issues like global warming, pollution, and the downside of consumerism. This has been a staple of most Lloyd Kaufman movies. In his book, he explained his philosophy of making unsexy topics ‘sexy’. Many will be offended by this method, but few will turn away from the work, thereby forcing people to confront an issue.

I had already made serious attempts to address the issue of clergy abuse. A book. A movie. A comic.

All very respectful. Most not even raising a blink in people’s eyes.

Perhaps it was time to try things Lloyd Kaufman’s way?

What would happen if I, for instance, was still a fundamentalist and a preacher molested my daughter? What if she became rebellious and wouldn’t listen to me? Would I take her to a fundamentalist girl’s home, where I knew abuse would occur?

Catholic School Catfight’s plot revolved around stereotyping and scapegoats. Brother Larry, played by Bart Aikens, knows the girl’s homes operated by his church are corrupt. He believes the stereotype that priests only abuse alter boys, so he believes his daughter is safe at Father Billy’s girl’s home.

Tiffany, his daughter, is in rebellion. She smokes. Drinks. Listens to satanic music. Bryan Walsh, a former wrestler who scaled the heights until he reached the WWF, then mysteriously turned his back on them, played Father Billy.

Walsh suffered a period of hardships, before Jeff Archer (author, wrestling promoter, atheist activist) stepped in to help Walsh get a second chance. I met Bryan Walsh when he entered the ring to wrestle female bodybuilder, Kasie Cavanaugh. Walter ‘Killer’ Kowalski refereed the match and I videotaped it.

Father Billy, I decided, was to be a former wrestler. He fell from grace and wandered into the nearest monastery. A few years later, he became a priest chosen to preside over a girl’s home.

Would this happen in real life? Doubtful, but this was backyard burlesque! Stereotypes rule in burlesque! It’s all about the lowest common denominator and letting off steam. A light treatment of a serious subject.

. . .and why not?

I tried the serious, respectable way.

People ignored me.

Today people riot over a bad film. And kill each other.

After ‘Catholic School Catfight’ and after Bob Gray, my former pastor at Trinity Baptist Church, was arrested for child molestation, I did spend many years in activism and advocacy. I was partly responsible for getting a fundamentalist girls home in Ramona, CA shut down.

What would advocacy say if I re-released ‘Catholic School Catfight’? The answer is, like Tiffany and Chelsea in ‘Catholic School Catfight’, they’d spend too much time beating up on each other than teaming up against Father Billy They’re too busy engaging in Facebook witch hunts to get things done.

What’s even worse is some advocates have just as much to hide as the fundamentalists they expose. The reason clergy abuse is regarded in a different class than other abuses is because the clergy is put on a higher plane of respect. You expect protection from clergy, but not piranas. Yet, there is danger in the waters.

That is a mistake for any group.

I believe I’ve crossed the point where I’m tired of the word ‘survivor’ and ‘victim’ and now believe only licensed professionals who have earned the right to be called ‘advocate’ should be called an advocate. There are abusers in advocacy and, like those who cover up abuse in fundamentalist churches, they also have a lot to lose unless they begin to show some transparency.

It was in 1992 when I first heard the rumor about Bob Gray molesting children at Trinity Baptist in Jacksonville, Florida. I did call the Department of Children’s Services, but was told only a victim could file charges. My call did nothing. And I knew nothing was going to get done due to the nature of the beast. So, I resorted to the only weapons I knew: research and satire.

That time has come again. Only those who have had their abuse covered up by so-called child advocates can contact the authorities about their tragic stories. No one else can do it for you.

I have already returned to satire with the novel, Christian School Confidential. And with the re-release of Catholic School Catfight, the circle is now complete.

Please don’t think of me as an advocate. I’m sure this movie will have some people saying, “Don’t worry, we won’t!”

Predators of this nature are notoriously for censorship and against sex education. Wonder why? Before the first talk show host talked about molestation, there was TOMMY. Before people took nuclear power seriously, there was The China Syndrome. Before the news media truly embraced civil rights, Billie Holiday sang Strange Fruit. Artists are usually the first to address a taboo topic before the rest of society catches on to the truth.

The hurtful predatory nature must be exposed wherever it may hide. Art and satire are usually the first to arrive. The self defeating nature of internet advocacy, which regards the ‘Cycle of Abuse’ as a lie, gives intellectual ammunition to corrupt organizations and people who, by refusing to look at reality, still oppose sex education and maintain the same values of shame as their predators. They keep the Cycle of Abuse oiled up and ready to be inflicted upon a new generation.

That so-called self-defeating advocacy needs a pie thrown in its face! It’s not too often world events and personal events intersect at such an opportune moment. For that reason, I embrace synchronicity and bring you Catholic School Catfight!

If you want to see the uncensored version, please visit the YouTube page for ordering information.


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