1. I’m looking forward to reading this. FYI, the link to “Bible Madness” on the right takes me to a page which says “Sorry, this video is private.”

    • Thank you for pointing that out! There are two Bible Madness’s uploaded on YouTube and one of them was marked ‘private’ because I was directing people to the other BM. Anyway, I fixed the problem so you should be able to view the movie.

  2. Hey, I found the old Christian School Confidential blogspot, and the discussion of the Lester Roloff documentary “Freedom’s Last Call”. It said that in part 2 there was an insight into Accelerated Christian Education, and that Roloff was ACE’s best salesman. I watched it, but I didn’t see anything on ACE (unless the bit with the typewriters was an old kind of ACE?). Is there any video of Roloff talking about ACE about?

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