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“You call that a knife? This is a knife!” Crocodile Dundee

What wimps these mortals be!  I’m having a flashback courtesy of Daisy Deadhead, an internet radio host that I have yet to listen to, not because of protest but because I just haven’t had the time.  She posted a comment in reaction to Greg Easton’s blog, The Hidalgo Grain Company, that has been construed as a physical threat.  If you want to explore this for yourself, here is the link:

While I can possibly see how it ‘could’ be construed as a threat, in reality it’s all projection.  She’s in one area of the country bragging about biker friends in Pensacola who could pay him a visit and he could ‘witness’ to them.  Since fundamentalism, like medical marijuana, inspires paranoia, the gates were opened. Now legal advisers are allegedly being contacted.

Who is really the target of it all?  Not Daisy Deadhead but Jeffrey Hoffman, the founder of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgendered Alumni of BJU:

Does this not sound like the beginning of classic scapegoating?  The thrust of Easton’s complaint is that Dr. Camille Lewis, the former BJU professor known for documenting the early history of the Bob Jones family, founded DoRightBJU and Christopher Peterman, who was expelled allegedly for watching GLEE, was a patsy whom DoRightBJU selfishly allowed to take the fall for their nefarious and bitter agenda. What made them so bitter?  Anger about how sexual abuse victims were being treated by counselors at BJU.

It’s funny reading Hidalgo’s take on Peterman because it almost sounds like they’re on his side.  In fact, another so-called advocate criticized DoRightBJU because she felt they were having a poor student take the fall for them.  However, once Christopher Peterman began speaking out for himself through YouTube videos, the sympathy disappeared and now, I guess, he is considered ‘brainwashed’.

Fundamentalists that they are, I’m sure they’ll leap and say, “We never said he was brainwashed!”  And I will  have to say, “I never said you said he was brainwashed!  That’s my interpretation of your strange two-step when it comes to survivors and defenders of those who have been abused.  As long as they play by your rules, they are lambs needing to be protected.  The moment they become lions, they are suddenly undisciplined thugs.”

Daisy’s point, if you care to read the thread linked above, is that he’s a wealthy guy living off his wife in a beachfront house.  A personal attack, to be sure, but not what I would consider a physical threat.

You want to talk about physical threats?  When I began blogging about the Bob Gray case, I had emails saying I should be lucky I was living in California.  If I were living in Jacksonville, Florida, I’d have to watch my back.  Another posted, quite publically, that if he could put his hands through my computer monitor he would choke me to death.

It really began to get hairy when I went to Jacksonville and hosted a public awareness meeting at Fuel’s Coffeehouse on the subject of clergy abuse.  A few nights before the event, I received an email filled with bible versus about how those who oppose the righteous would be put to death.  I didn’t take this too well, I’m ashamed to admit.  Instead of contacting the FBI, I just posted a rambling blog that has since been deleted.  However, if you look at the news report below, you’ll notice they actually showcase a bit of this rambling blog for a few seconds.

Even if I had contacted the authorities in Jacksonville, you have to wonder if they would have taken biblical threats seriously.  Perhaps this person truly believed invisible angels were about to thrust their divine swords into my chest before I even made it to Fuels?  Maybe one of the deranged followers of fundamentalism might show up to ‘put wheels’ to his prayers’?  In the end, that didn’t happen and the ‘rally’, as I called it on YouTube, became the lead story the next night on the 11:00 news.

There was an FFF poster named PappaBear who took it upon himself to dig up the most embarrassing information about me.  Poppy Dixon, the satirist who brought us Betty Bowers, called me a ‘Christian pornographer’ and, combined with my interview with Hyapatia Lee and my ‘garage cinema’ flick, ‘Catholic School Catfight’, nearly sealed my reputation.  Yes, one of my actresses actually did go on to a brief career in adult videos and I was accused of ‘trolling’ Hollywood looking for innocent runaways to bring them into a life of porn.

I interviewed this woman to set the record straight, but when have fundamentalist ever showed a desire to make sure their facts were straight?

Now. . .let’s look at a few things from the fundamentalist perspective.  One of the so-called ‘advocates’ was responsible for getting a guy fired by calling his employer and revealing he was using the internet on company time.  She had some convoluted reason why she felt it necessary, but then she attempted it with another person.

I’m not mentioning names for the same reason Fred Goldman doesn’t say ‘OJ’ when discussing ‘Simpson’.  Even their names are repugnant to me.  I reached out to the second person she tried to harass which was significant considering that person was a supporter of Hephzibah House.  Survivor Wars make strange bedfellows!  I considered her actions so below the bar that I would rather deal with the devil I know than the devil who pretends to be on my side.

So what do I make of this controversy?  They’re trying to somehow pin it on Jeffrey even though it was not his post.  Sounds to me like subtle gay baiting.  When I received that ‘threatening’ message before my event, I could have interpreted that as a threat from Trinity but I knew better.  It could have come from anywhere and I will not fabricate an enemy from shadows.

That’s what’s happening here.  No one can seriously condemn alumni who have valid questions about how BJU treats sex abuse victims.  So, they have to create their enemies from the shadows.  Somehow they’re going to rope all the activists into one big monolithic package.  It reminds me of how the Civil War was discussed at my fundamentalist high school: it was all about states rights and not at all about slavery. They’re going to make those who demand accountability look like thugs when, in reality, they are the ones engaging in imprecatory prayers for the deaths of presidents, ambassadors, and even to silence the critics on the blogosphere.

Notice (feeli) on following the title: Saturday’s event is still on. It actually says ‘feeling better’. This blog used by WTLV-12 was actually written in reaction to an email that was nothing but ominous biblical threats. I was ticked off that I was receiving these threats and very little support from survivors.