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First Baptist Church of Hammond, Indiana retakes the lead in the game of fundamental scandals!

The local news source for Hammond, Indiana reports that Jack Schaap, the pastor of First Baptist Church in Hammond, Indiana, was removed from his post because of
“a sin that has caused him to forfeit his right to be our pastor.”

Hammond Baptist dismisses pastor for ‘sin’.

No details from the mainstream media about the ‘sin’. Not to worry! As always, Facebook goes where the MSM fears to tread. A Facebook group, DoRightHylesAnderson has just been formed:!/groups/210248275769396/

Someone from the church allegedly found a cell phone with a picture of Pastor Jack in a compromising position with a minor. Hence, the police involvement spoken of in this article:

First Baptist of Hammond, Indiana once had the reputation as the World’s Largest Baptist Church. This would eventually be eclipsed by Willow Creek and a number of other megachurches across the country.

Jack Hyles was a pioneer in fundamentalist sin and salvation, having built the ‘world’s largest church’ and creating the strategy for fundamentalist cover ups. Hyles story has been recounted in books ranging from The Wizard of God by Victor Nischick and Fundamental Seduction by Voyle Glover.

Dave Hyles, his son, developed a reputation for seducing girls in his Christian school and was fingered for the death of infant, Brent Stevens. Jack was accused of having an improper relationship with his secretary. The fundamentalist world didn’t seem to have a problem throwing Dave under the proverbial bus, as it were.

Bob Gray, the late pastor of my former church, Trinity Baptist of Jacksonville, Florida, was a good friend of Hyles. A number of Trinity members I spoke with didn’t hesitate to condemn Dave Hyles. Possibly to show they didn’t have their heads in the sand. (“I don’t know about the accusations against Brother Hyles, but David definitely did it!”)

Many of those who defended Bob Gray after Gray’s arrest for child molestation didn’t bat an eye when it came to trashing Dave. However, once the accusations moved up the fundamental food chain to Hyles and Gray, they started to get nervous.

Schaap took over after the death of Hyles. He became known for preaching wild sermons that sounded like Al Bundy had traded in his booze for a bible. He preached women were sinning by ‘letting themselves go’ and basically preached against abuse victims seeking accountability. Now, we know why!

David Gibbs, official lawyer for scandal ridden fundamentalist churches, is flying in for damage control.

“You call that a knife? This is a knife!” Crocodile Dundee

What wimps these mortals be!  I’m having a flashback courtesy of Daisy Deadhead, an internet radio host that I have yet to listen to, not because of protest but because I just haven’t had the time.  She posted a comment in reaction to Greg Easton’s blog, The Hidalgo Grain Company, that has been construed as a physical threat.  If you want to explore this for yourself, here is the link:

While I can possibly see how it ‘could’ be construed as a threat, in reality it’s all projection.  She’s in one area of the country bragging about biker friends in Pensacola who could pay him a visit and he could ‘witness’ to them.  Since fundamentalism, like medical marijuana, inspires paranoia, the gates were opened. Now legal advisers are allegedly being contacted.

Who is really the target of it all?  Not Daisy Deadhead but Jeffrey Hoffman, the founder of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgendered Alumni of BJU:

Does this not sound like the beginning of classic scapegoating?  The thrust of Easton’s complaint is that Dr. Camille Lewis, the former BJU professor known for documenting the early history of the Bob Jones family, founded DoRightBJU and Christopher Peterman, who was expelled allegedly for watching GLEE, was a patsy whom DoRightBJU selfishly allowed to take the fall for their nefarious and bitter agenda. What made them so bitter?  Anger about how sexual abuse victims were being treated by counselors at BJU.

It’s funny reading Hidalgo’s take on Peterman because it almost sounds like they’re on his side.  In fact, another so-called advocate criticized DoRightBJU because she felt they were having a poor student take the fall for them.  However, once Christopher Peterman began speaking out for himself through YouTube videos, the sympathy disappeared and now, I guess, he is considered ‘brainwashed’.

Fundamentalists that they are, I’m sure they’ll leap and say, “We never said he was brainwashed!”  And I will  have to say, “I never said you said he was brainwashed!  That’s my interpretation of your strange two-step when it comes to survivors and defenders of those who have been abused.  As long as they play by your rules, they are lambs needing to be protected.  The moment they become lions, they are suddenly undisciplined thugs.”

Daisy’s point, if you care to read the thread linked above, is that he’s a wealthy guy living off his wife in a beachfront house.  A personal attack, to be sure, but not what I would consider a physical threat.

You want to talk about physical threats?  When I began blogging about the Bob Gray case, I had emails saying I should be lucky I was living in California.  If I were living in Jacksonville, Florida, I’d have to watch my back.  Another posted, quite publically, that if he could put his hands through my computer monitor he would choke me to death.

It really began to get hairy when I went to Jacksonville and hosted a public awareness meeting at Fuel’s Coffeehouse on the subject of clergy abuse.  A few nights before the event, I received an email filled with bible versus about how those who oppose the righteous would be put to death.  I didn’t take this too well, I’m ashamed to admit.  Instead of contacting the FBI, I just posted a rambling blog that has since been deleted.  However, if you look at the news report below, you’ll notice they actually showcase a bit of this rambling blog for a few seconds.

Even if I had contacted the authorities in Jacksonville, you have to wonder if they would have taken biblical threats seriously.  Perhaps this person truly believed invisible angels were about to thrust their divine swords into my chest before I even made it to Fuels?  Maybe one of the deranged followers of fundamentalism might show up to ‘put wheels’ to his prayers’?  In the end, that didn’t happen and the ‘rally’, as I called it on YouTube, became the lead story the next night on the 11:00 news.

There was an FFF poster named PappaBear who took it upon himself to dig up the most embarrassing information about me.  Poppy Dixon, the satirist who brought us Betty Bowers, called me a ‘Christian pornographer’ and, combined with my interview with Hyapatia Lee and my ‘garage cinema’ flick, ‘Catholic School Catfight’, nearly sealed my reputation.  Yes, one of my actresses actually did go on to a brief career in adult videos and I was accused of ‘trolling’ Hollywood looking for innocent runaways to bring them into a life of porn.

I interviewed this woman to set the record straight, but when have fundamentalist ever showed a desire to make sure their facts were straight?

Now. . .let’s look at a few things from the fundamentalist perspective.  One of the so-called ‘advocates’ was responsible for getting a guy fired by calling his employer and revealing he was using the internet on company time.  She had some convoluted reason why she felt it necessary, but then she attempted it with another person.

I’m not mentioning names for the same reason Fred Goldman doesn’t say ‘OJ’ when discussing ‘Simpson’.  Even their names are repugnant to me.  I reached out to the second person she tried to harass which was significant considering that person was a supporter of Hephzibah House.  Survivor Wars make strange bedfellows!  I considered her actions so below the bar that I would rather deal with the devil I know than the devil who pretends to be on my side.

So what do I make of this controversy?  They’re trying to somehow pin it on Jeffrey even though it was not his post.  Sounds to me like subtle gay baiting.  When I received that ‘threatening’ message before my event, I could have interpreted that as a threat from Trinity but I knew better.  It could have come from anywhere and I will not fabricate an enemy from shadows.

That’s what’s happening here.  No one can seriously condemn alumni who have valid questions about how BJU treats sex abuse victims.  So, they have to create their enemies from the shadows.  Somehow they’re going to rope all the activists into one big monolithic package.  It reminds me of how the Civil War was discussed at my fundamentalist high school: it was all about states rights and not at all about slavery. They’re going to make those who demand accountability look like thugs when, in reality, they are the ones engaging in imprecatory prayers for the deaths of presidents, ambassadors, and even to silence the critics on the blogosphere.

Notice (feeli) on following the title: Saturday’s event is still on. It actually says ‘feeling better’. This blog used by WTLV-12 was actually written in reaction to an email that was nothing but ominous biblical threats. I was ticked off that I was receiving these threats and very little support from survivors.

Billy Baldwin to shoot movie at allegedly abusive school

The following letter was sent to Billy Baldwin’s publicist, Lizzie Grubman. Her email and contact information are provided below. If you feel as I do, please email or call and let her know how you feel.

Lizzie Grubman Public Relations,

I graduated from Trinity Christian Academy in Jacksonville, Florida in 1980. This is the same school your client, Billy Baldwin, will be shooting the movie ‘Blind Faith’. It should be brought to Mr. Baldwin’s attention that Trinity Christian Academy was the site of a notorious child sex scandal involving the former (now deceased) pastor, Bob Gray. For over 20 years, Pastor Bob Gray was alleged to have molested children in his sound proof office on the campus of Trinity Christian Academy.

Gray left the country, allegedly to avoid arrest, but returned during his eighties. Victims came together and he was arrested. Gray died within days of his trial. Miami attorney, Adam Horowitz, filed civil suits and, to this day, two of those cases have not been resolved so they are not closed. Mr. Baldwin showed great compassion towards Mackenzie Phillips when she opened up about her abuse. Considering that at least two of the claims against TCA have not been resolved, I strongly encourage your client to use his influence to shoot this movie elsewhere or withdraw from the project.

You can find documentation of the Gray cases at my blog, Christian School Confidential. I’m also including a direct link to cases against Bob Gray for your information.

Please call if you have any questions.

Thanks for your consideration.


Dwayne Walker

Cases related to Bob Gray:

Tim Tebow at Trinity Christian Academy

Tim Tebow played football at my alma mater, Trinity Christian Academy of Jacksonville, Florida. It’s unclear from his book, Through My Eyes by Tim Tebow (with Nathan Whitaker), whether he took any classes beyond physical education. Tebow was homeschooled by his parents who, further research reveals, were quite prosperous missionaries to the Phillipines.

Bob Tebow, Tim’s father, continues to run the orphanage, Uncle Dick’s House in Mindanao, Phillipines, which, with a name like that, we can only hope won’t have a scandal brewing similar to Penn State’s Jerry Sandusky’s Second Mile charity.

There’s no doubt Tim Tebow’s mother, Pamela, was a trendsetter in the homeschool movement. In fact, I was aware of her work before I even knew anything about her son. TCA alums in North Florida, who also homeschooled, told me about a program in the area where homeschooling parents get together with other homeschooling parents and take their kids on field trips. That way, they won’t miss out on socializing with others.

Well, Tebow’s mom was behind that! Tebow mentions this in his book and, although I am a critic of homeschooling, I must admit if more homeschooling parents were like Pamela Tebow, it would definitely break the stereotype of bigoted parents who only rely on PACE or ACE workbooks.

Example: Tim needed Latin in order to enter the University of Florida. Pamela contacts a Latin teacher and brings her to the house to tutor Tim. Now how many homeschooling parents have the dollars to just hire teachers to come to their house? Like I said, prosperous missionaries.

Florida passed a law in 1996 that allowed homeschooled kids to play athletics in public or private schools. Tebow choose Trinity and based on informal questions to other alums, it doesn’t appear like he took a single class beyond phys ed.

Tebow did not last long at Trinity. The Coach refused to let him play Quarterback. Tim Tebow believes in teamwork as long as he gets his way, obviously. It’s tempting to write that Trinity’s coach was trying to teach Tebow the meaning of ‘teamwork’, but TCA’s football history shows they’re not above doing whatever takes to get their team at number one.

I was at TCA in 1980 and as the picture from my yearbook shows (see below), we lost every single game that year. Why? Well, I guess if I had the reverse ego of Tebow I could blame myself. No, I didn’t play football but I was responsible for organizing lunch time prayer meetings so revival would come to TCA.

We were very concerned about a double standard regarding the rules that were enforced. If I were to moon someone in a mall (never did), I would have been expelled. A player mooned someone on a bus trip and got a slap on the wrist. Today, this does not strike me as behavior worthy of expulsion. In those days, however, I thought it was sign of the end!

Mooning? In a Christian school? By a football player? Perish the thought.

As a result of the prayer meetings and ‘revival’, some of our better football players were removed from the team. We lost and had no one but ourselves to blame for praying instead of practicing.

TCA wised up over the years and was accused of recruiting players. Specifically, Chirod Williams who went on to play for Georgia Tech. Ed White contested Chirod’s eligibility but it doesn’t appear to have gone anywhere. When Tebow left TCA, someone at TCA also contested Tebow’s eligibility. Sour grapes?

This might seem like the end of Tebow’s connection with Trinity, but it is not.

He writes about his ‘Uncle Bill’ Heavener, a wealthy individual who purchased tickets to the Heisman award for Tebow’s family. Uncle Bill also has a box at the Gator Bowl. Tebow does not mention that ‘Uncle Bill’ is James “Bill” W. Heavener, the brother of Jacksonville real estate mogul, Mac Heavener. Mac Heavener is the president of Trinity Baptist College and served as deacon of Trinity Baptist Church.

Mac was a deacon at Trinity Baptist Church when I attended from 1977-1980. There’s a good possibility he was a deacon during the era when pastor Bob Gray left for the mission field to allegedly avoid having the whistle blown on him for child molestation. At least, according to one of the depositions.

Tim Tebow was at Trinity circa 2003, based on informal communiques with various alums. Gray was arrested in 2006, so Tebow missed that drama by 3 years. In a sense, it seems inappropriate to even mention this except for the fact that Tebow’s major in college was family, youth, and community sciences and Tebow’s family operates an orphanage. Don’t you think someone in the business might have some thoughts on protecting children?

Tebow ponders the idea that after playing with the NFL he might want to go into Christian services dealing with youth and orphans. If that is the case, I think Tim Tebow would do well to take matters into his own hands and address the following questions:

How can Christian schools deal with sex predators in their midst?

Would you recommend some preventative sex education that tells the youngsters the difference between ‘safe touching’ and ‘unsafe touching’ and teaches them what to do and how to contact the police when they are approached by a predator?

Is Tim Tebow willing to use his name to get such a curriculum started in private religious schools like Trinity Christian Academy?

Just a thought.

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1980, BCT (Before Chirod/Tebow):

Penn State/Christian School scandals: deja vu

Jerry Sandusky, the former Penn State football coach now under arrest on charges of 40 counts of sexually abusing young boys during a 15 year period, was also active in a children’s charity called ‘The Second Mile’, which was praised by George H.W. Bush as one of the ‘shining points of light’.

This is just one of three similarities from my book, Christian School Confidential, that have been blowing my mind for the last two days. Christian School Confidential, a fictionalized account of a church community in the midst of a sexual abuse trial, was inspired by the arrest and eventual non-trial of Bob Gray, the founder of my Christian school, Trinity Christian Academy, and former pastor of TCA’s sponsoring church, Trinity Baptist in Jacksonville, Florida.

Gray was arrested on May 19, 2006. Over 20 women, and a man, came forward with accounts of Gray molesting them as children. The defense succeeded in delaying the case for nearly an entire year before Gray died of a fall in his home. This happened a week or so before his trial was set to begin. His death was reported on November 12, 2007.

I started the blog ‘Christian School Confidential’ shortly after his arrest. I wanted to expound on certain details the local media seemed hesitant to deal with. Because I was really the only one visible on the internet exclusively discussing the Gray case (as opposed to the entire IFB movement), Adam Horowitz, lawyer for the victims, sent me .pdf’s of the various civil suits before the Florida Times Union even caught on that civil suits had been filed!

There was criticism directed at me that I was broad brushing the ‘IFB’ movement (a name journalists and critics bestowed upon them, not the actual practitioners) by only discussing abuse that happened within fundamentalism. I agreed this was a problem and not very conducive to addressing matters of abuse. I began posting stories of abuse that happened in nearly every facet of society, from the military to iced cream men to themed parks.

Every organizations has their unique defenses against those who accuse their members of molestation. Rock stars and movie producers have money and can boycott certain performers. Fundamentalists have the bible and money. The police can intimidate and throw victims in jail. Whatever happened to those 5000 people who worked in the Pentagon who allegedly downloaded child pornography? The military and the Pentagon are probably the scariest people to deal with since anything in the top branches of the government can result in the loss of your rights under the guise of ‘protecting national security’. Every one of these demographics have been accused of using their influence to cover up child abuse.

My concern was that by dealing exclusively with the small minded world of the IFB, we would short change victims who were not abused by IFB ministers but might have been abused by other institutions such as the police, the military, and even good ole’ Penn State.

It was also difficult working with advocacy groups. Remember, this is before Facebook made advocacy a democratic pursuit not beholden to any one person or group. Before Facebook (2006, BF), those who concentrated on abuse within the family did not want to speak against the church. Those who addressed problems within certain denominations did not want to venture outside of their denominations. Most never answered emails. So, if you were abused at a commune or theme park or some other place where an institution or organization covered up abuse, you were out of luck if you weren’t Catholic or Southern Baptist!

And now we see from the Sandusky case, the coach worked with at risk children through the Second Mile organization, which he founded. Some are now accusing him of using the Second Mile to groom children for their abuse.

The same thing happens in my book, Christian School Confidential! The wife of a church pastor is a known advocate who was not only abused by my main character but helps cover up the abuse of her daughter. Her ‘advocacy’ is just another stepping stone in her career to be the ‘Christian’ Ann Coulter.

This is a sensitive area, I know. There have been incidents of predators infiltrating advocacy groups or other organizations that help children. It gives them an alibi as well as a place for recruiting and grooming victims. If you talk about it, you might be accused of being a mole or a toxic personality. If you don’t talk about, you’ve become no different than the enablers you criticize and the predator gets away with it. Hence, I found fiction a better place to deal with that issue.

Judge Leslie Dutchcot who granted Jerry Sandusky’s bail was a volunteer in Second Mile. The prosecutor in my book went to Freedom University, a fundamentalist college, run by a good friend of the accused pastor.

Joe Paterno, the Penn State coach who was fired for covering up the abuse, sold his house to his wife for $1. Bob Gray’s former church, Trinity, was authorized to sell the parsonage on 10/24/2006 and on 10/26/07, just weeks before Bob Gray died, property was sold to his wife for $10. The pastor in Christian School Confidential does the same thing except she gets the Paterno deal: a $199,999.95 parsonage for $1.

This road has been traveled before. Now that the Catholic Church has stepped in to help Penn State, the best most of us can do is sit down with a bowl of popcorn and play armchair quarterback.

Look for delays. Lots and lots of delays. If the victims are meeting on the internet, look for ‘advocates’ to come out and encourage them to talk while, at the same time, not going to the press! Lawyers will investigate some of those internet postings for inconsistencies in stories.

To talk the press or not? That is the question! Going to the press might hurt your court case. If you continue with the trial, you will be quiet while the case is going on but what happens when it’s over? Some are too exhausted to talk while others, even if they never settled, might have the entire case SEALED! That means, you can never talk about it. Ever! Those who do settle can’t talk because of confidentiality agreements. These are nice legal ways to cover up without resorting to threats.

Institutions have been covering up abuse for years. They have it down to a science. They exploit the individual quirks of their doctrines, mission statements, bylaws and political contacts to cover up abuse. The time has come to stop marginalizing abuse and to start adopting sweeping regulations that would penalize any institution or business (churches, college, theme parks, youth camps, teen behavioral modification centers, iced cream men, etc) that covers up instances of child abuse.