Look for me at the SIA Convention!

Look for me at this weekend’s SIA Convention and pick up a special SIA edition of ‘Christian School Confidential’!

“A lot of plot twists and turns that you wouldn’t expect.  It is a page turner!! I really enjoyed the end of the book.  It gave me hope!  Wonderful book.”

Jodi Hobbs, president, SIA Organization

Christian School Confidential
a fundamental satire
Authored by Dwayne Walker

Sarah Starr teaches fifth grade English at Diadem Christian Academy in the desert town of Crane City, California. Adam, her husband, is pursuing a masters in biblical studies when both learn troubling news. Chelsea, their daughter, claims Dr. Roger Bunyan, Jr, founder of Diadem Baptist College and pastor of their church, has molested her.

Sarah and Adam want to do the right thing by scripture. Instead of withdrawing her from Diadem Christian Academy, they keep Chelsea at DCA to teach her that Christians can resolve their conflicts in a godly manner.

Sarah’s odyssey takes her on an insane journey into the absurdities of fundamentalism, christian education, abusive childrens homes, mission board policies, internet advocacy, politics, entertainment and mass media evangelism.

Click here to order your copy.


About dwalker25

Dwayne Walker is a web designer and event promoter in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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  1. I’m so excited I can’t hardly STAND IT!!!!!!

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